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Efficacy of 4-methyl-7-hydroxy coumarin derivatives against vectors Aedes aegypti and Culex quinquefasciatusDeshmukh, Madhavi; Pawar, Pushpa; Joseph, Mary; Phalgune, Usha; Kashalkar, Rajashree; Deshpande, Nirmala RIJEB Vol.46(11) [November 2008]788-792
Evaluation of four methods of DNA recovery from Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis present in intestine tissue of goats and comparative sensitivity of IS900 PCR with respect to culture for diagnosis of Johne’s diseaseSingh, P K; Singh, S V; Singh, A V; Sohal, J SIJEB Vol.46(08) [August 2008]579-582
Development of a fluorescence stereomicroscope and observation of Bong-Han corpuscles inside blood vesselsLee, Byung-Cheon; Yoo, Jung Sun; Baik, Ku Youn; Sung, Baeckkyoung; Lee, Jawoong; Soh, Kwang-SupIJEB Vol.46(05) [May 2008]330-335
Principles of complementary medicine in terms of a suggested scientific basisPopp, Fritz-AlbertIJEB Vol.46(05) [May 2008]378-383
Biophysical aspects of cancer – Electromagnetic mechanismPokorny, J; Hasek, J; Vanis, J; Jelinek, FIJEB Vol.46(05) [May 2008]310-321
Laser-Ultraviolet-A induced ultra weak photon emission in human skin cells: A biophotonic comparison between keratinocytes and fibroblastsNiggli, Hugo J; Tudisco, Salvatore; Lanzano, Luca; Applegate, Lee Ann; Scordino, Agata; Musumeci, FrancescoIJEB Vol.46(05) [May 2008]358-363
Quantum squeezed state analysis of spontaneous ultra weak light photon emission of practitioners of meditation and control subjectsWijk, Eduard P A Van; Wijk, Roeland Van; Bajpai, Rajendra PIJEB Vol.46(05) [May 2008]345-352
Corresponding measurements of delayed luminescence and impedance spectroscopy on acupuncture pointsLanzano, Luca; Grasso, Rosaria; Gulino, Marisa; Bellia, Paolo; Falciglia, Filippo; Scordino, Agata; Tudisco, Salvatore; Triglia, Antonio; Musumeci, FrancescoIJEB Vol.46(05) [May 2008]364-370
Cell culture adapted sheeppox virus as a challenge virus for potency testing of sheeppox vaccineHosamani, M; Bhanuprakash, V; Kallesh, D J; Balamurugan, V; Pande, A; Singh, R KIJEB Vol.46(10) [October 2008]685-689
Possible role of citalopram and desipramine against sleep deprivation-induced anxiety like-behavior alterations and oxidative damage in miceGarg, Ruchika; Kumar, AnilIJEB Vol.46(11) [November 2008]770-776