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Title: Syntheses and characterization of some dimeric zirconium(IV) complexes of Schiff bases derived from salicylaldehyde, substituted salicylaldehydes and 3-aminothiophenol
Authors: Syamal, A
Kumar, D
Issue Date: Jul-1993
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
Abstract: A few Zr(IV) complexes of the type [Zr(OH)zL·CH3OH]2 (where LH2 = tridentate dibasic schiff base derived from 3-aminothiophenol and salicylaldehyde, 5-chlorosalicylaldehyde, 5-bromosalicylaldehyde, 5-nitrosalicylaldehyde and 2-hydroxy-1-naphthaldehyde have been synthesized and characterized by elemental analyses, electrical conductance, molecular weight, IR and mass spectra, and magnetic susceptibility measurements. The complexes are dimers, nonelectrolytes and diamagnetic. The complexes are found to be seven-coordinated. A dimetallic, hydroxobridged, pentagonal bipyramidal structure has been suggested for the complexes.
Page(s): 625-628
ISSN: 0975-0975(Online); 0376-4710(Print)
Appears in Collections:IJC-A Vol.32A(07) [July 1993]

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