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Title: Kinematic analysis of beat-up mechanism used for handmade carpet looms
Authors: Topalbekiroğlu, Mehmet
Çelik, Halil İbrahim
Keywords: Beat-up mechanism;Handmade carpet;Kinematic analysis;Loom
Issue Date: Jun-2009
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: Kinematic analysis and dimensional synthesis of a beat-up mechanism used for handmade carpet looms have been studied. The design criteria of the beat-up mechanism has been established according to the problem statement, followed by the selection of a crank-rocker type four-link mechanism for the beat-up mechanism to obtain many crank-rocker type mechanisms using dimensional synthesis method. On the basis of the design criteria, the most suitable beat-up mechanism is chosen and the dynamic analysis of the selected mechanism is performed. In the dimensional synthesis, the case studies have been done for four different crank rotation angles and the most proper dimensions according to design criteria are obtained at = 180°. In the dynamic analysis of the mechanism, it is determined that the beat-up force of the mechanism is over 60 N. By designing such a suitable beat-up mechanism for handmade carpet looms, the weaver gets less tired, the handmade carpet production is increased and the faults caused by this process are decreased.
Page(s): 129-136
ISSN: 0971-0426
Appears in Collections:IJFTR Vol.34(2) [June 2009]

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