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Potentiometric studies of Ni(II), Co(II) and Zn(II) metal ions with salicyloyl hydrazide and some O-O, N-N and N-O donor ligandsReddy, C Narsimha; Devi, Ch Sarala; Sheshikala; Reddy, M G RamIJC-A Vol.32A(08) [August 1993]732-735
Complexometric determination of lanthanum and cobalt or manganese in mixed rare earth metal oxidesDas, N N; Rao, J Rajagopala; Parida, K M; Rao, S BIJC-A Vol.32A(08) [August 1993]736-738
A glucose sensor based on graphite paste modified with tetracyanoquinodimethanePandey, P C; Pandey, V; Mehta, SIJC-A Vol.32A(08) [August 1993]667-672
Some recent results in the theory of the Wiener numberGutman, Ivan; Yeh, Yeong-Nan; Lee, Shyi-Long; Luo, Yeung-LongIJC-A Vol.32A(08) [August 1993]651-661
Vibrational relaxation studies on C – H and C - S stretching modes of dimethyl sulphoxideSastry, M I S; Singh, SurjitIJC-A Vol.32A(08) [August 1993]662-666
Preparation of bis(imidazole)copper(II) dibenzoate by a new synthetic method: Oxidative addition of dibenzoyl peroxide on metallic copperRui-Na, Yang; Dong-Mei, Wang; Dou-Man, Jin; Hua-Qin, Wang; Yao, YangIJC-A Vol.32A(08) [August 1993]721-722
Kinetics of nuclear chlorination of toluene and some substituted toluene by trichloro-isocyanuric acidPanda, H P; Sahoo, K KIJC-A Vol.32A(08) [August 1993]717-720
Oxidation of aqueous sulphur dioxide in suspensions of magnesium oxide: Removal of SO2 from flue gasesBhargava, Rachna; Rani, Ashu; Gupta, K SIJC-A Vol.32A(08) [August 1993]713-716
Synthesis and spectral investigations of Co(II) complexes of acid amide ligands derived from 2-aminopyridineGarg, B S; Kumar, Vinod; Reddy, M JIJC-A Vol.32A(08) [August 1993]726-729
Kinetics of oxidation of bisulphite ion by iron (III) in the presence of 1,10-phenanthrolineMohapatra, S KIJC-A Vol.32A(08) [August 1993]709-710