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CO hydrogenation over intermetallic compoundsKulshreshtha, S K; Sasikala, RIJC-A Vol.32A(06) [June 1993]465-471
Transfer enthalpies of tert-butyl chloride in some aquo-organic solventsDatta, Mira (nee Sarkar); Das, Mohon L; Datta, Jayati; Kundu, Kiron KIJC-A Vol.32A(06) [June 1993]472-477
Transfer free energies of trimethylammonium hydrochloride-a precursor to a potential model transition state for SNl-type hydrolysis of tert-butyl chloride in some aquo-organic solventsDatta, Mira (nee Sarkar); Kundu, Kiron KIJC-A Vol.32A(06) [June 1993]478-484
Effect of butanol and cholesterol on the conductance of AOT-aided water/xylene microemulsionMukhopadhyay, L; Bhattacharya, P K; Moulik, S PIJC-A Vol.32A(06) [June 1993]485-490
Hydrogenation of phenylacetylene by Pd/Al2O3 and PdCl2: Intermediates and selectivityMahmoud, Sabri S; Asfour, Hasan MIJC-A Vol.32A(06) [June 1993]491-494
Models for enzyme-copper-nucleic acid interaction: Interaction of some biomimetic copper complexes derived from salicylaldehyde, glycine and ɑ-alanine with adenine and adenosineSomasundaram, Indira; Palaniandavar, MallayariIJC-A Vol.32A(06) [June 1993]495-501
Studies on speciation of aluminium complexes with malic acid by high field  27Al NMR spectroscopyKarweer, S B; Mhatre, S N; Pillai, B P; Iyer, R K; Moorthy, P NIJC-A Vol.32A(06) [June 1993]502-505
Stereochemical factors affecting intramolecular inter ligand interaction in mixed ligand complexesPatel, Pushpa; Bhattacharya, P KIJC-A Vol.32A(06) [June 1993]506-510
Synthesis and structural characterization of manganese(II), cobalt(II) and zinc(II) complexes of isonitrosoacetophenone thiosemicarbazone and isonitroso-4-chloroacetophenone thiosemicarbazoneShetti, S N; Murty, A S R; Tembe, G LIJC-A Vol.32A(06) [June 1993]511-516
Quenching of excited uranyl ion during its photochemical reduction by triphenylphosphine: Part IIISidhu, M S; Chahal, Paramjit; Singh, R JIJC-A Vol.32A(06) [June 1993]517-520
Permeability of poly (m-bromophenol) modified Pt electrode for electroactive solutesTaj, Shaheen; Ahmed, M F; Sankarapapavinasam, SIJC-A Vol.32A(06) [June 1993]521-524
A new method of preparation of solid solutions of calcium-cadmium-lead hydroxylapatite and their characterization by X-ray, electronmicrography and IR spectraMahapatra, P P; Sarangi, D S; Mishra, BagmiIJC-A Vol.32A(06) [June 1993]525-530
Reaction of coordinated ligands: Complex formation between nickel (II) and pyridine- 2-carboxylato-/pyridine- 3-carboxylato-pentaamminecobalt (III) ions and aquation of the cobalt (III) substrates catalysed by nickel (II) and copper (II) - A kinetic and mechanistic studyDas, Nigamananda; Dash, Anadi CIJC-A Vol.32A(06) [June 1993]531-535
ESR spectral study of the reaction of potassium bromide with dichlorobis- (diphenylphosphinothioyl)ethanecopper(II) complex in the solid stateLobana, Tarlok S; Kaur, JasminIJC-A Vol.32A(06) [June 1993]536-537
Synthetic and spectroscopic studies of dinuclear Rh(III), Pd(In, Pt(II), Pt(IV) and mononuclear Ir(III) complexes with N,N' - hexylenebis (monothioacetylacetonimine)Mishra, Lallan; Upadhyay, Kaushal KumarIJC-A Vol.32A(06) [June 1993]538-541
Electrophilic cleavage of tin-alicyclic and tin-aryl bonds involving the synthesis of cyclohexyl-tin, -tellurium and –antimony compounds - Part ISinghal, KiranIJC-A Vol.32A(06) [June 1993]542-544
Formation constants of lanthanide (III)- aminopolycarboxylate - ATP mixed ligand complexes and their systematicsVerma, Sangeeta; Limaye, S N; Saxena, M CIJC-A Vol.32A(06) [June 1993]545-548
Application of hydrous ceria for the uptake of several cations and in the separation of carrier-free 99mTc and 95Nb from 99Mo and 95Zr respectivelyBhattacharyya, D K; Dutra, N CIJC-A Vol.32A(06) [June 1993]549-552
An ion-exchange method for the selective determination of cadmium in some rock samples using antimony(V) phosphate beadsVarshney, K G; Maheshwari, S M; Gupta, UpmaIJC-A Vol.32A(06) [June 1993]553-556
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19