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Spectrum-SR Vol.55(03) [March 2018]10-13
Smartphones: Changing ParadigmsRaghav, Prashant; Choudhary, Sonam; Bansal, KirtiSR Vol.55(03) [March 2018]14-20
Unsung Heroes: Women Pioneers of SpaceSrinivas, SusheelaSR Vol.55(03) [March 2018]21-24
CSIR Technology Showcase: Water Purification through Plastic Waste-SR Vol.55(03) [March 2018]25
Puzzle Corner-SR Vol.55(03) [March 2018]52-53
Test Your KnowledgeMahesh, M.S.; Kumar, Dinesh; Tripathi, Ganesh ShankarSR Vol.55(03) [March 2018]62-63
Fun Quiz – Indian ForestsBansal, KirtiSR Vol.55(03) [March 2018]60-61
Cross Word-SR Vol.55(03) [March 2018]64
Parasites Can Be Useful Too!Zargar, Ummer Rashid; Chishti, Mohammad ZahoorSR Vol.55(03) [March 2018]48-50
Neuromarketing: Pressing Your Buy ButtonPanigrahi, SurajSR Vol.55(03) [March 2018]26-30