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Special Issue on Light-induced Chemistry of Organic and Biomolecules

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Imidazole and oxazole containing fluorescent dyad: Cu2+ induced fluorescence quenching and cyanide sensing “On-Off-On” via copper displacement approachMisra, Arvind; Ali, RashidIJC-B Vol.57B(02) [February 2018]217-228
Delayed fluorescence based phenanthroimidazoles as OLED emitters having electron transporting propertiesNagaraju, Peethani; Madhu, Chakali; Mohanty, Maneesha Esther; Rao, Vaidya JayathirthaIJC-B Vol.57B(02) [February 2018]229-240
pH-Responsive supramolecular assemblies of Hoechst‑33258 with cucurbiturils: Modulation in the photophysical propertiesBarooah, Nilotpal; Bhasikuttan, Achikanath C; Mohanty, JyotirmayeeIJC-B Vol.57B(02) [February 2018]241-253
Photophysical modulations of biologically potent small molecules in biocompatible microheterogeneous environments created by cyclodextrins and lipid vesiclesPurkayastha, PradiptaIJC-B Vol.57B(02) [February 2018]254-264
Carbon dots as a nanotool for integrated photodynamic therapy and chemotherapyKumari, Sonam; Singh, Seema; Das, ProlayIJC-B Vol.57B(02) [February 2018]265-270
Supramolecular assistance of [2+2] photocycloaddition for cross-photodimerizationPattabiraman, Mahesh; Ramalingam, VijayakumarIJC-B Vol.57B(02) [February 2018]271-280
Dimeric carbocyanine dye and nucleic acid aptamer mediated detection of food borne toxinChilka, Pallavi; Patlolla, Prathap Reddy; Datta, BhaskarIJC-B Vol.57B(02) [February 2018]281-286
Synthesis and photophysical properties of pyrrolo[3,2-c][1,6] naphthyridin-11(10H)-one derivativesToche, Raghunath B; Pagar, Balasaheb PIJC-B Vol.57B(02) [February 2018]287-292
Recent developments in designing optical sensors for detection of basic amino acidsPettiwala, Aafrin M; Singh, Prabhat KIJC-B Vol.57B(02) [February 2018]293-300
Excited state and fluorescence probe properties of donor-acceptor substituted ethenes: A plausible photochromic material for organic electronicsKumar, Jagdeep; Kumar, Naresh; Hota, Prasanta KumarIJC-B Vol.57B(02) [February 2018]301-307
Bay- and ortho- ring annulated perylenediimides: Synthesis and their panchromatic absorptionRegar, Ramprasad; Sekhar, Adiki Raja; Mishra, Ruchika; Sankar, JeyaramanIJC-B Vol.57B(02) [February 2018]308-313
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 11 of 11