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Title: Water conservation and management practices in Bundelkhand
Authors: Rana, Yachna
Rana, Rakesh
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
Abstract: Even Rahim had told us about the importance of the conservation of water, so the common man has been able to understand it’s importance since a very long time. Nowadays the science and the technology have done a great progress but on the other hand we have forgotten the importance of water. Our ancestors had many methods that helped in the conservation of water and ensuring it’s existence. What were the methods innovated by the Indian society regarding the availability of water and also drinking water? What are the methods of water conservation? Society has always kept the sources of drinking water, water for irrigation and water for bathing etc. separately. Other sources for various uses also conserve the water for drinking in the end. for instance ponds, wells, bawris etc. Many places in Bundelkhand are named after the main water conservation sources like ponds, lakes wells etc. Important colonies are also named after such sources for instance Kaalukua, Shukulkua, Lodhikua etc. Many places in Bundelkhand are named after water conservation sources like ponds, lakes, wells etc. colonies in Banda are also named after these sources namely kalukua, lodhikua etc. similarly in Mahoba of Bundelkhand Madan sager & Udalsagar are also named on those sources. 250yrs ago rain water harvesting and its distribution of Panna estate of Bundelkhand has been an exampl for us all. A small city like Panna is self dependent on the basis of drinking water. of ponds had been set up since the time of the rule of Rudrapratap singh in Bundelkhand that are still the backbone of people having there Dharamsagar is one of the 1.5 dozen lakes ,ponds near Panna city . These 1.5 dozen ponds, lakes are very for the people of Panna in order to make life easy . From these ponds the water had been sent to all the ancient wells all around the location so even in extremely hot days most of the wells of Panna were filled with water & so methods of water conservation in Bundelkhand have been discussed & also how does the society setteles around the water recourse & conserves water resources for further usage ? The importances of water in our life has also been discussed. In the following research paper these questions have been focused & answered as well.
Page(s): 58-62
Appears in Collections:BVAAP Vol.25(1&2) [June-December 2017]

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