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The Application of Quality Function Deployment to Smart Watches – The House of Quality for Improved Product DesignHo, W C; Lee, A W; Lee, S J; Lin, Grace TRJSIR Vol.77(03) [March 2018]149-152
Influence Factor Analysis of MEMS and IC Integration TechnologiesLee, Yen-ChunJSIR Vol.77(03) [March 2018]168-171
Modeling the Effects of Innovative Leadership on Productivity and ProfitabilityYan, BJSIR Vol.77(03) [March 2018]164-167
Programming of an Industrial Robot Using Demonstrations and Soft Computing TechniquesKhandekar, P M; Chiddarwar, S S; Jha, AJSIR Vol.77(03) [March 2018]156-163
Research on the Production Efficiency of China Civilian Military Listed CompaniesHe, Weida; Fu, Yao; Hao, RongJSIR Vol.77(03) [March 2018]153-155
QoS Based Mobility Management for Wireless Mesh NetworksRao, Y M; Subramanyam, M V; Prasad, K SJSIR Vol.77(04) [April 2018]203-207
Influence of Oil Groove Shapes on Frictional Properties of Slide WaysMohan, C B; Venkatesh, K; Anand, PJSIR Vol.77(03) [March 2018]188-190
In vitro Assessment of Selected Benzoic Acid Derivatives as Anti-Inflammatory CompoundsTomy, M J; Sharanya, C S; Mahapatra, D K; Suresh, K I; Sabu, A; Haridas, MJSIR Vol.77(06) [June 2018]330-336
Powered Lower Limb Exoskeleton Featuring Intuitive Graphical User Interface with Analysis for Physical Rehabilitation ProgressWalia, A S; Kumar, NJSIR Vol.77(06) [June 2018]342-344
Damage Identification of Reinforced Concrete Beam Using Modal Curvature ApproachChaurasia, A; Panigrahi, S K; Patel, S SJSIR Vol.77(06) [June 2018]337-341