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Leachability and Physical Stability of Solidified and Stabilized Sludge from Dye Effluent TreatmentDivya, M; Kanmani, SJSIR Vol.76(12) [December 2017]795-799
The Effects of Impact Loading on the Flexural Strength of Fibre Reinforced ConcreteMurali, G; Ramkumar, V R; Karthikeyan, KJSIR Vol.76(12) [December 2017]790-794
Optimization of Ingredients for Development of Squash from Seabuckthorn FruitSelvamuthukumaran, M; Farhath, KJSIR Vol.76(12) [December 2017]785-789
Synthesis, Characterization, Industrial Application and Anticancer Activity of 4-Substituted-2-Oxo-2H-Chromene-3-Carbonitirles DerivativesBarasara, A; Pandya, M; Patel, A; Purohit, DJSIR Vol.76(12) [December 2017]776-779
A Two-Machine Flowshop Scheduling Problem with a Job Precedence Constraint to Minimize the Total Completion TimeXu, Jianyou; Lin, Win-Chin; Yin, Yunqiang; Cheng, Yu; Wu, Chin-ChiaJSIR Vol.76(12) [December 2017]761-766
Design of an Instrument to Measure the Performance of ISO 9001 Based Quality Management Systems in Knowledge Based OrganizationsKansal, J; Singhal, S; Khurana, AJSIR Vol.76(12) [December 2017]767-770
An Adaptive Optimized Frequent Itemset Mining in Large Databases by means of FPL and Adaptive Artificial Bee Colony (AABC) AlgorithmBabu, C S; Kumari, V VJSIR Vol.76(12) [December 2017]756-760
An Investigation on the Use of MSER and SIFT for Image Forgery DetectionSekhar, R; Shaji, R SJSIR Vol.76(12) [December 2017]751-755
Thermal Performance of Solar Air Heater using Jet Impingement Technique with Longitudinal FinsGoel, A K; Singh, S NJSIR Vol.76(12) [December 2017]780-784
PAPR Reduction of OFDM/OQAM System using Adaptive Clipping with Novel Step Size Based Active Constellation ExtensionVangala, S; Anuradha, SJSIR Vol.76(12) [December 2017]771-775