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Underwater System Technology

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A smart navigation and collision avoidance approach for Autonomous Surface VehicleMei, Jian Hong; Arshad, M. R.IJMS Vol.46(12) [December 2017]2415-2421
Parametric resonance avoidance of offshore crane cable in subsea lowering operation through A* heuristic plannerKang, Hooi-Siang; Tang, Collin Howe-Hing; Quen, Lee Kee; Steven, Adelina; Yu, XiaochuanIJMS Vol.46(12) [December 2017]2422-2433
A combined systematic and metaheuristic approach for cooperative underwater acoustic source localization by a group of autonomous surface vehiclesMajid, Mad Helmi Ab; Arshad, Mohd RizalIJMS Vol.46(12) [December 2017]2434-2443
High-gain observer-based model predictive control for cross tracking of underactuated autonomous Underwater Vehicles: A comparative studyZhang, Guangjie; Yan, Weisheng; Gao, Jian; Liu, ChangxinIJMS Vol.46(12) [December 2017]2444-2451
Switching target in position-based visual servoing for collision-free underwater docking of an autonomous underwater vehicleYahya, Mohd Faid; Arshad, Mohd RizalIJMS Vol.46(12) [December 2017]2452-2460
Water level control of submarine hovering tank based on sliding mode controlChen, Ying; Wang, Wenjin; Xu, Guohua; Zhang, Wei; Wang, GuanxueIJMS Vol.46(12) [December 2017]2461-2470
Heading control and shoreline detection for river navigation using autonomous surface vesselTan, Chee Sheng; Mohd-Mokhtar, Rosmiwati; Arshad, Mohd RizalIJMS Vol.46(12) [December 2017]2471-2481
Underactuated nonlinear adaptive control approach using U-Model incorporated with RBFNN for multivariable underwater glider control parametersHussain, Nur Afande Ali; Ali, Syed Saad Azhar; Saad, Mohamad Naufal Mohamad; Ovinis, Mark; Nordin, Nadira; Adil, Syed HasanIJMS Vol.46(12) [December 2017]2482-2492
Integral sliding mode based finite-time trajectory tracking control of unmanned surface vehicles with input saturationsWang, Ning; Gao, Ying; Shuailin, Lv; Joo, Meng ErIJMS Vol.46(12) [December 2017]2493-2501
Distributed cooperative formation control of a generic non-holonomic multi-agent system.Mahyuddin, Muhammad Nasiruddin; Tiang, Tan SweeIJMS Vol.46(12) [December 2017]2502-2509
Disturbance/Uncertainty estimation based accurate trajectory tracking control of an unmanned surface vehicle with system uncertainties and external disturbancesWang, Ning; Shuailin, Lv; Gao, Ying; Joo, Meng ErIJMS Vol.46(12) [December 2017]2510-2518
Design and development of a remotely operated vehicle with new maneuvering methodZain, Zainah Md.; Noh, Maziyah Mat; Rahim, Khairil Ashraf Ab; Harun, NurfadzillahIJMS Vol.46(12) [December 2017]2519-2526
Sonar-based local path planning for an AUV in large-scale underwater environmentsYan, Mingzhong; Gao, Feng; Qin, Xueshu; Zhu, DaqiIJMS Vol.46(12) [December 2017]2527-2535
Performance comparisons of particle-based and similarity measure-based kidnapping detectors in Monte Carlo localizationBukhori, Iksan; Ismail, Zool H.IJMS Vol.46(12) [December 2017]2536-2542
Robust variable-depth path following of an under-actuated autonomous underwater vehicle with uncertaintiesYu, Caoyang; Xiang, Xianbo; Zuo, Mingjiu; Xu, GuohuaIJMS Vol.46(12) [December 2017]2543-2551
Analysis of integrated sensor for unmanned underwater vehicle applicationAras, Mohd Shahrieel Mohd; Kamarudin, Muhammad Nizam; Zainal, Iktisyam; Zambri, Mohd Khairi Mohd; Sulaiman, MarizanIJMS Vol.46(12) [December 2017]2552-2561
Adaptive circular path following control of a mini-AUV prototypeXiang, Xianbo; Liu, Hui; Luo, Zongtong; Zhang, QinIJMS Vol.46(12) [December 2017]2562-2571
Robust-save energy controller on an autonomous underwater vehicle with obstacles avoidancePutranti, Vina; Ismail, Zool H.IJMS Vol.46(12) [December 2017]2572-2578
Wavelet-based optical velocimetry: an alternative technique for deepwater oil spill flow rate estimationOsman, A.B.; Mark, OV; Fakhruldin, M.H.; Faye, IIJMS Vol.46(12) [December 2017]2579-2587
Concertina effect-based underwater structure inspection by autonomous vehicles in three dimensionsMcIntyre, David; Naeem, Wasif; Ali, Syed Saad AzharIJMS Vol.46(12) [December 2017]2588-2600
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20