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Title: Screening of Codiacean algae (Chlorophyta) of the Indian coasts for blood anticoagulant activity
Authors: Shanmugam, M.
Mody, K. H.
Ramavat, B. K.
Murthy, A. Sai Krishna
Siddhanta, A. K.
Keywords: Blood anticoagulant;Codium species;Codiaceae;Udotea;Halimeda;Avrainvilliea
Issue Date: Mar-2002
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: Thirteen species of marine algae belonging to the family Codiaceae were selected from the Indian coast to study their sulphated polysaccharide (SPS) contents and their blood anticoagulant activity. The algal species studied include Codium dwarkense, C. tomentosum, C. indicum, C. geppei, C. iyengarii, C. coronatum, C. tenue, C. decorticatum, Udotea indica, U. flabellam, Halimeda tuna, H. gracilis and Avrainvillea erecta. Cold and hot water extracts were prepared from all the species and chemical compositions (e.g. total sugar, sulphate, protein and uronic acid contents) were analysed. All the SPS samples were screened for their blood anticoagulant activity (PT test). It was observed that blood anticoagulant activity (cf. Codium spp.) is generally higher with samples containing higher sugar and sulphate contents. Neutral sugar composition was analysed and active extract was found to contain relatively more arabinose. Seasonal variation in chemical composition and blood anticoagulant activity of the SPS of C. dwarkense were also studied alongside. It was observed that matured plants showed higher activity than the younger ones and arabinose was detected in higher quantity in the former. This work reveals that a few Codium species e.g. C. dwarkense, C. indicum and C. tomentosum, C. geppi produce strongly active blood anticoagulant SPS while the ones obtained from the other Indian Codiaceae species under investigation exhibit very low activity.
Page(s): 33-38
ISSN: 0379-5136
Appears in Collections:IJMS Vol.31(1) [March 2002]

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