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Bala taila parisheka – A traditional approach in wound healingTripathy, R N; Otta, S P; Siddram, AIJTK Vol.10(4) [October 2011]643-650
Quality control parameters to detect adulteration of market samples of Indian Manjistha by Irani ManjisthaKinjal, Shah M; Dipal, Thumar D; Devang, Pandya JIJTK Vol.13(2) [April 2014]331-334
Ethnomedicinal plants used by different tribes of Arunachal PradeshKhongsai, M; Saikia, S P; Kayang, HIJTK Vol.10(3) [July 2011]541-546
Kair (Capparis decidua): A potential ethnobotanical weather predictor and livelihood security shrub of the arid zone of Rajasthan and GujaratSingh, Dheeraj; Singh, Ranjay KIJTK Vol.10(1) [January 2011]146-155
Ethnomedical knowledge of plants and healthcare practices among the Kalanguya tribe in Tinoc, Ifugao, Luzon, PhilippinesBalangcod, Teodora D; Balangcod, Ashlyn Kim DIJTK Vol.10(2) [April 2011]227-238
Traditional remedies of Joint diseases in AssamNath, K K; Deka, PIJTK Vol.10(3) [July 2011]568-571
Fighting pain: Traditional Peruvian remedies for the treatment of Asthma, Rheumatism, Arthritis and sore bonesBussmann, Rainer W.; Glenn, AshleyIJTK Vol.10(3) [July 2011]397-412
Ethnozoological Diversity of Northeast India: Empirical Learning with Traditional Knowledge Holders of Mizoram and Arunachal PradeshChinlampianga, M; Singh, Ranjay K; Shukla, Amritesh CIJTK Vol.12(1) [January 2013]18-30
Ecopharmacognosy and the globalization of Traditional medicinesCordell, Geoffrey AIJTK Vol.14(4) [October 2015]595-604
Some belief, practices and prospects of folk healers of SikkimKumar, Panda Ashok; Sangram, MishraIJTK Vol.11(2) [April 2012]369-373