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Dietary use of Algae among tribal of North-east India: Special reference to the Monpa tribe of Arunachal PradeshDas, Sudipta KumarIJTK Vol.15(3) [July 2016]509-513
Medicinal plants used in traditional medicine in Lohit and Dibang valley districts of Arunachal PradeshShankar, Rama; Rawat, M SIJTK Vol.07(2) [April 2008]288-295
Bheta fishing - A traditional community fishing practice of Nocte tribe of Tirap district, Arunachal PradeshDutta, Rajdeep; Dutta, AmaleshIJTK Vol.12(1) [January 2013]162-165
Ethnozoological Diversity of Northeast India: Empirical Learning with Traditional Knowledge Holders of Mizoram and Arunachal PradeshChinlampianga, M; Singh, Ranjay K; Shukla, Amritesh CIJTK Vol.12(1) [January 2013]18-30
Apatani paddy-cum-fish cultivation: An indigenous hill farming system of North East IndiaRai, S CIJTK Vol.4(1) [January 2005]65-71
Plants used by the Hill Miri tribe of Arunachal Pradesh in ethnofisheriesTag, Hui; Das, A K; Kalita, PallabiIJTK Vol.4(1) [January 2005]57-64
Ethnomedicinal studies of the Khamti tribe of Arunachal PradeshDas, AK; Tag, HuiIJTK Vol.5(3) [July 2006]317-322
Common wild vegetables of Aka tribe of Arunachal PradeshKar, AIJTK Vol.3(3) [July 2004]305-313
Toko-Patta (Livistona jenkinsiana Griff): Adi community and conservation of culturally important endangered tree species in eastern HimalayaSingh, Ranjay K; Srivastava, RC; Community, <i>Adi </i>; Mukherjee, TKIJTK Vol.9(2) [April 2010]231-241
Bioculturally important rare new plant species of Heteropanax Seems (Araliaceae) from Eastern Himalaya, Arunachal PradeshSrivastava, R C; Singh, Ranjay K; Mukherjee, T KIJTK Vol.9(2) [April 2010]242-244