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Antioxidant properties of paratha type flat bread enriched with white mulberry leaf extractPrzeor, Monika; Flaczyk, EwaIJTK Vol.15(2) [April 2016]237-244
Evaluation of nutritional and phytochemical profiling of Baccaurea ramiflora Lour. syn. Baccaurea sapida (Roxb.) Mull. Arg. fruitsMann, Sonia; Satpathy, Gouri; Gupta, Rajinder KIJTK Vol.15(1) [January 2016]135-142
Public feedback on State of domestic water supply in Lagos: Implications for public healthOmole, D O; Ndambuki, J M; Badejo, A A; Oyewo, D O; Soyemi, T OIJTK Vol.15(2) [April 2016]245-253
Nutritional and antioxidant properties of wild edible macrofungi from North-Eastern Uttar Pradesh, IndiaVishwakarma, Pratima; Singh, Pooja; Tripathi, N NIJTK Vol.15(1) [January 2016]143-148
Pharmacological and phytochemical potential study of plants collected in Amecameca, State of Mexico, MexicoAlberto, Mendoza-Espinoza José; Imelda, Peña- Miranda; Clarenc, Aarland Rayn; Susana, Peralta-Gómez; Edgar, Sierra-Palacios; Bernarda, García-OcónIJTK Vol.15(1) [January 2016]62-67
Development of MSD among the farm women involved in traditional and mechanized method of rice cultivation of northern IndiaOjha, P; Kwatra, SIJTK Vol.15(1) [January 2016]162-166
Preservation of indigenous wood carving knowledge of African traditional people through the use traditional wood carvers database framework (Twcdf)Coleman, AlfredIJTK Vol.15(3) [July 2016]370-377
Changes in phenolic contents and antioxidant capacity of bayberry (Myrica esculenta Buch. Ham. ex D. Don) and yellow Himalayan raspberry (Rubus ellipticus Smith) based health beveragesKrishna, Hare; Attri, BL; Kumar, Akhilesh; Ahmed, NazeerIJTK Vol.15(3) [July 2016]417-424
Comparative study on chemical profiling and antimicrobial properties of essential oils from different parts of Eucalyptus lanceolatusBhagat, Madhulika; Gupta, Sahil; Jamwal, Vishawdeep Singh; Sharma, Shipali; Kattal, Meenakshi; Dawa, Stanzin; Devi, Rani; Bindu, KushalIJTK Vol.15(3) [July 2016]425-432
Efficacy of yoga in mild to moderate persistent chronic bronchial asthmaAgnihotri, Shruti; Kant, Surya; Mishra, SK; Singh, RenuIJTK Vol.15(2) [April 2016]337-340