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Refinement of formulation and processing steps for pork momo, a traditional meat product of North Eastern India, in the wake of Neuro-cysticercosis Thomas, R; Naskar, S; Mohan, N H; Sarma, D KIJTK Vol.15(1) [January 2016]128-134
Antibacterial, antioxidant and phytochemical properties of the ethanolic extract of Ocimum obovatum E.Mey. ex Benth.Naidoo, Y; Sadashiva, C T; Naidoo, G; Raghu, KIJTK Vol.15(1) [January 2016]57-61
A survey of ethnobotany of the AbaWanga people in Kakamega County, western province of KenyaShiracko, Ndondolo; Owuor, Bethwell Onyango; Gakuubi, Martin Muthee; Wanzala, WycliffeIJTK Vol.15(1) [January 2016]93-102
Exploration and collection of root and tuber crops in East Wollega and Ilu Ababora zones: Rescuing declining genetic resourcesMekbib, Yeshitila; Deressa, TemesgenIJTK Vol.15(1) [January 2016]86-92
Extraction and dyeing conditions of natural dye from flowers of Plumeria rubra L. on textiles and fastness propertiesSwamy, V Narayana; Gowda, K N Ninge; Sudhakar, RIJTK Vol.15(2) [April 2016]278-284
Chemical constituents and NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase 1 (NQO1) inducer activity of Teucrium oliverianum Ging. ex Benth.Shahat, Abdelaaty A; Alsaid, Mansour S; Khan, Jehan A; Higgins, Maureen; Dinkova-Kostova, Albena TIJTK Vol.15(2) [April 2016]232-236
In vitro antiproliferative activity of saffron extracts against human acute lymphoblastic T-cell human leukemiaMakhlouf, Hassane; Diab-Assaf, Mona; Alghabsha, Mouhamad; Tannoury, Mona; Chahine, Ramez; Saab, Antoine MIJTK Vol.15(1) [January 2016]16-21
Effects of Hijamat bish Shart in Wajauz Zahr (Low back pain) and associated disabilityTarique, Mohd; Ansari, Abdul Haseeb; Zulkifle, MohdIJTK Vol.15(1) [January 2016]173-176
Useful plants and tradition for pregnancy, child delivery and for post-partum care used by people living around Analavelona forest in South west MadagascarRandrianarivony, Tabita; Randrianasolo, Armand; Andriamihajarivo, Tefy; Ramarosandratana, Aro Vonjy; Jeannoda, Vololoniaina H; Rakotoarivony, Fortunat; Bussmann, Rainer WIJTK Vol.15(1) [January 2016]68-78
Anti-moth efficacy of neem (Azadirachta indica A.Juss.) on woollen fabricKumar, Ajay; Pareek, P K; Kadam, V V; Shakyawar, D BIJTK Vol.15(2) [April 2016]272-277