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Cultural significance and diversities of ethnic foods of Northeast IndiaSingh, Anamika; Singh, Ranjay KIJTK Vol.6(1) [January 2007]79-94
Sustainable use of ethnobotanical resourcesSingh, Ranjay K; Singh, Anamika; Sureja, Amish KIJTK Vol.6(3) [July 2007]521-530
Management of indigenous sugarcane under rice-wheat based agroecosystem through informal institutionsSingh, Ranjay K; Sureja, Amish KIJTK Vol.7(3) [July 2008]469-477
Indigenous biodiversity of Apatani plateau: Learning on biocultural knowledge of Apatani tribe of Arunachal Pradesh for sustainable livelihoodsSrivastava, RC; Singh, Ranjay K; Community, Apatani; Mukherjee, TKIJTK Vol.9(3) [July 2010]432-442
Amta and Amti (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.)-Cultural and agricultural dynamics of agrobiodiversity conservationSingh, Ranjay K; Sureja, Amish K; Singh, DheerajIJTK Vol.5(1) [January 2006]151-157
Bioculturally important plant diversity of Arunachal Pradesh: Learning from Adi and Monpa communities about ‘Future crops of India’Singh, Ranjay K; Srivastava, R C; Adi Community; Monpa CommunityIJTK Vol.9(4) [October 2010]754-759
Notes on a new herb traditionally used by Nyishi tribe of Arunachal PradeshSrivastava, RC; Tanyang, Bamoang; <i>Nyishi</i> Community; Singh, Ranjay K; Mukherjee, TKIJTK Vol.8(4) [October 2009]649
Learning the indigenous knowledge and biodiversity through contest: A participatory methodological tool of ecoliteracySingh, Ranjay KIJTK Vol.9(2) [April 2010]355-360
Learning and testing the farmers’ knowledge: Conservation of location specific indigenous paddy varietiesSingh, Ranjay K; Dwivedi, B S; Tiwari, RajeshIJTK Vol.9(2) [April 2010]361-365
Indigenous knowledge and sustainable agricultural resources management under rainfed agro-ecosystemSingh, Ranjay K; Sureja, Amish KIJTK Vol.7(4) [October 2008]642-654