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Microbial organic acids production, biosynthetic mechanism and applications -Mini reviewKhan, Ibrar; Qayyum, Sadia; Maqbool, Farhana; Mujaddad-ur-Rehman; Hayat, Azam; Farooqui, Munnazza SharifIJMS Vol.46(11) [November 2017]2165-2174
Acoustic propagation in shallow waters of south east Arabian Sea using Normal mode approachNoufal, K.K; Sanjana, M.C; Latha, GIJMS Vol.46(11) [November 2017]2175-2181
Using Near-real-time Monitoring of Landslide Deformation to Interpret Hydrological Triggers in Jiudian Gorge ReservoirSong, Danqing; Feng, Xingbo; Wang, Zhiqiang; Song, HongquanIJMS Vol.46(11) [November 2017]2182-2190
Reservoir fracture cave characteristics of middle - lower Ordovician carbonate rocks in Tahe oilfield in Tarim Basin, ChinaLi, Ying; Xu, ShouyuIJMS Vol.46(11) [November 2017]2191-2200
New record of Rhizosolenia cochlea (Brun, 1891) and Rhizosolenia bergonii (Peragallo, 1892) from the Palk Bay, southeast coast, IndiaTemkar, Ganesh; Mandal, Subir KumarIJMS Vol.46(11) [November 2017]2201-2206
Seismic hazard analysis and microzonation of Coimbatore CorporationViswanathan, K E; Elangovan, KIJMS Vol.46(11) [November 2017]2207-2214
Removal of Cadmium by Halobacterium strain R1 MTCC 3265  from saline and non-saline econichesBragança, Judith M.; Furtado, IreneIJMS Vol.46(11) [November 2017]2215-2219
Dynamic analysis of an underwater suspension system in ocean currents with method of averagingLi, Xiang; Cui, Jifeng; Zhao, Min; Ge, TongIJMS Vol.46(11) [November 2017]2220-2227
Parallel Tuning of Fuzzy Tracking Controller for Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle using Genetic AlgorithmAuxillia, D. JeraldinIJMS Vol.46(11) [November 2017]2228-2240
Design and performance analysis of boost converters in an energy harvesting system for underwater applications using sea water in microbial fuel cellJanani, P.; Murugan, S. SakthivelIJMS Vol.46(11) [November 2017]2241-2249
Simulation of ship maneuvering using the plane motion modelHuang, Hung-Ru; Wang, Yung-LienIJMS Vol.46(11) [November 2017]2250-2257
A hybrid (IIHSF-LSM) approach to detect vegetationAhmed, Ifjaz M; Vaithiyanathan, VIJMS Vol.46(11) [November 2017]2258-2264
A comparative study on three quantitating methods of microalgal biomassLu, Lin; Yang, Guanpin; Zhu, Baohua; Pan, KehouIJMS Vol.46(11) [November 2017]2265-2272
The 27 February 2010 Maule, Chile tsunami: initial height and propagation from uniform and non-uniform fault slip modelsUlutaş, ErginIJMS Vol.46(11) [November 2017]2273-2285
Monitoring oscillations coastline of Dayyer city during the El Niño and La Niño using OIF utility indexRazmi, Maryam; Asgari, Hossein Mohammad; Sohrab, Ali Dadollahi; Nazemosadat, Seyed Mohammad Jafar; Khazaei, Sayed HosseinIJMS Vol.46(11) [November 2017]2286-2289
A case study on economic aspects of fishing in Tiruchendur coast, Southeast Coast of IndiaPitchaikani, J. Selvin; Lipton, A.P.IJMS Vol.46(11) [November 2017]2290-2294
Studies on length frequency distribution, length - weight relationship and some aspects of reproductive biology of Katsuwonus  pelamis (Linnaeus, 1758) off north Andhra Pradesh, central eastern coast of IndiaDeepti, V.A. Iswarya; Sujatha, K.IJMS Vol.46(11) [November 2017]2295-2302
Foraminiferal and sediment geochemistry studies in and around Cochin backwaters, southwest coast of IndiaGandhi, M. Suresh; Jisha, K.; Jeshma, P; Tharun, RIJMS Vol.46(11) [November 2017]2303-2313
Design of Distributed Hardware-In-the-Loop Simulation System for Underwater Acoustic DetectionYang, Zhanlong; Chen, Hang; Wang, Xinhong; Yang, HuIJMS Vol.46(11) [November 2017]2314-2322
A study on dietary intake of mercury through fish consumption in villagers of Alimgarh residing along Ulhas River Estuary, Maharashtra, India and recommendations on fish meals to be consumed.Menon, Jayashree. SIJMS Vol.46(11) [November 2017]2323-2331
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 31