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Title: A study on the seasonal dynamics of Beypore estuary, Kerala coast
Authors: Anilkumar, N.
Dineshkumar, P.K.
Keywords: Beypore estuary;eddy diffusivity;flushing time;flux;sediment budget
Issue Date: Mar-2002
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: Mixing characteristics of the Beypore estuary were determined up to 15 km upstream of Chaliyar river. The study area was divided into four sections(5km interval) with two transverse stations on either side of each section. The diffusivity values were found to be almost equal in four sections during premonsoon months. In July it was 9.08 m2/sec at river mouth and zero at the upper reaches of the estuary. In postmonsoon season the diffusivity values decreased upstream. Maximum value of flushing time was computed in March (14.85 tidal cycle) and minimum in July (0.23 tidal cycle). At the river mouth the water flux was directed seaward during the postmonsoon and monsoon season. During the premonsoon period the transport was upstream and the net transport was higher during May. Maximum flux of the suspended sediment was obtained during July (1220.97 mg/cm2/sec) at the river mouth. Highly negative fluxes were obtained during premonsoon period with the highest negative value occurring during May (-381.31 mg/cm2/sec) at river mouth. During the study period the annual sediment input and the net sediment transported towards the sea were estimated to be 8.8 x 104 and 5.7 x 104 tons/year respectively so that the annual entrapment of sediment was 3.1 x 104 tons/yr. The logarithmic values of Richardsons number (logRL) showed large variation at river mouth section of the estuary and at about 10 kms upstream during the postmonsoon period. During the premonsoon period there was no noticeable variation in log RL values at these two places and the estuary was found to be well mixed. During the monsoon period, the stratification was higher and the variation in logRL was high from flood to ebb tide.
Page(s): 52-58
ISSN: 0379-5136
Appears in Collections:IJMS Vol.31(1) [March 2002]

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