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Tribulus terrestris ameliorates aluminium chloride–induced alterations in oxidative status and functional markers in the liver, kidney, brain, and testis of the laboratory mouseKumar, Praveen; Singh, PoonamIJBB Vol.53(5&6) [October-December 2016]179-186
Leaf-cutin assisted phototransformation of 2,4-D ethyl esterChoudhury, Partha PIJBB Vol.53(5&6) [October-December 2016]227-231
Diethylnitrosamine (DEN) induced morphological and biomolecular changes in mouse liver mitochondriaBasaiawmoit, Stephanie P; Alam, Anis; Sohkhlet, Momita; Jamir, Robin P; Dutta, Sthiti PIJBB Vol.53(5&6) [October-December 2016]187-198
In silico methods reconfirm CDK2 as a potential molecular target of 5-fluorouracilYata, Vinod Kumar; Mahajan, Shweta; Thapa, Arun; Ahmed, Shadab; Biswas, Akash Deep; Sanjeev, Airy; Mattaparthi, Venkata Satish KumarIJBB Vol.53(5&6) [October-December 2016]199-205
Enhanced environment alters the myelin composition and neurochemistry of fore and mid brain regions in rats subjected to immobilization stressVanisree, AJ; Perumalpillai, Kirijayini; Gangadharan, ThamizhoviyaIJBB Vol.53(5&6) [October-December 2016]169-178
Conserved cysteine residues in malaria chorismate synthase indicate their important role in protein structure and functionKhera, Harvinder Kour; Singh, Susheel Kumar; Bhat, GN; Singh, SubhashIJBB Vol.53(5&6) [October-December 2016]161-168
A disintegrin-like metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motif 8 expression analysis in OUMS-27 chondrosarcoma cells before and after insulin administrationErden, Gonul; Akyol, Sumeyya; Cömertoglu, Ismail; Altuntas, Aynur; Çakmak, Ozlem; Ugurcu, Veli; Yukselten, Yunus; Demircan, KadirIJBB Vol.53(1&2) [February-April 2016]12-16
Investigation of free radical formation in human lymphocyte, leukemia, breast fibroblast and breast adenocarcinoma cell cultures after radio frequency exposure using electron spin resonanceÇam, Semra Tepe; Esmekaya, Meriç Arda; Polat, Mustafa; Canseven, Ayşe G; Seyhan, NesrinIJBB Vol.53(1&2) [February-April 2016]7-11
In silico docking analysis to explore the proapoptotic and anti cell proliferative potential of ferulic acidPrabhakar, M Manoj; Manoharan, S; Ignacimuthu, S; Stalin, AIJBB Vol.53(1&2) [February-April 2016]17-23
Molecular modeling of viral nucleocapsid protein Zn fingers modulatorsSharma, Shweta; Paliwal, Sarvesh; Singh, Smrita; Akhter, MymoonaIJBB Vol.53(1&2) [February-April 2016]24-38