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Interaction of bilirubin with lipid molecules in mixed monolayers at air/water interfaceDhatbathreyan, AronaIJC-A Vol.30A(10) [October 1991]825-830
Effect of alkyl chain length on the induced smectic phases in mixtures of N-[4-n-alkyloxy benzylidene ]-4'-n-alkylanilines with 4-n-heptyloxy-4' -cyanobiphenylSharma, N K; Sharma, B L; Charak, AnilaIJC-A Vol.30A(10) [October 1991]831-833
Temperature of maximum density of aqueous solutions of some α-amino acidsKaulgud, M V; Shrivastava, Anjali; Mate, V KIJC-A Vol.30A(10) [October 1991]834-838
Surface properties of carbons obtained from polyvinyl chlorideYoussef, A M; Abdel-Bary, E M; Samra, S E; Dowidar, A MIJC-A Vol.30A(10) [October 1991]839-843
Estimation of cationic surfactants using liquid membrane electrodesTyagi, Vipendra; Jain, A KIJC-A Vol.30A(10) [October 1991]844-848
Kinetics of oxidation of acetophenones by diperiodatonickelate(IV) in the presence and absence of Os(VIII)Siddiqui, M Afzal Ali; Kumar, Ch. Sudheer; Chandriah, U.; Kandlikar, SushamaIJC-A Vol.30A(10) [October 1991]849-854
Solid-state reactions of nickel(ll) and copper(ll) hydroxides with 8-hydroxyquinolineDubey, B L; Tiwari, NeetaIJC-A Vol.30A(10) [October 1991]855-861
Hypervalent species of phosphorus: Synthesis and characterizationAnand, B N; Bains, Rajwant; Aggarwal, Kussum; Usha, KumariIJC-A Vol.30A(10) [October 1991]862-865
Synthetic, spectroscopic (IR, UV) and magnetic studies of some novel bi- and tri-metallic alkoxides of Ni(II)Garg, (Mrs) G; Singh, A; Mehrotra, R CIJC-A Vol.30A(10) [October 1991]866-871
Complexes of copper(II) with the hydrazones derived by the condensation of 4-methoxybenzoyl hydrazide with salicylaldehyde, o-hydroxyacetophenone and diacetylmonoximeDey, Kamalendu; Bandyopadhyay, Debasish; Mandal, KripasindhuIJC-A Vol.30A(10) [October 1991]872-876
Chemistry of mercaptopyridines and related ligands: Part II-ESR and other studies of the new mixed-ligand complexes of iron (III) with 2(1H)-pyridinethione-S and tertiary phosphine ligandsLobana, Tarlok S; Bhatia, Paramjit KIJC-A Vol.30A(10) [October 1991]877-880
Synthesis, characterisation and spectral (IR, 1H, 13C and 119Sn NMR) studies of some organotin(IV) complexes of 4-acyl- 2, 4-dihydro5- methyl- 2-phenyl- 3H-pyrazol- 3-oneJain, A; Saxena, S; Rai, A KIJC-A Vol.30A(10) [October 1991]881-885
Behaviour of a surface active cyanine dye in water and surfactant solutionsMishra, J K; Sahay, A K; Mishra, B KIJC-A Vol.30A(10) [October 1991]886-889
Spectroscopic studies on 1,2-dihydroxy 9,10-anthraquinone molecule in ethanol and boric acid glassDilawar, Nita; Zaidi, Z HIJC-A Vol.30A(10) [October 1991]890-892
UO uptake by calcium silicate hydrate: 11 Å tobermoriteLabhasetwar, N K; Shrivastava, O PIJC-A Vol.30A(10) [October 1991]893-894
Electrochemical reactions at sacrificial electrodes: Part VI-Synthesis of cadmium alkoxides and their coordination compoundsBanait, J S; Singh, BaljitIJC-A Vol.30A(10) [October 1991]895-897
Coordination compounds of orgaenometallic bases of group(IV) elements: Part XII - Reactions of N-(phenyl/benzyl/n-butyl)-1,1,1-triethoxy/tri-n-propoxy/tri-n-phenoxy/trimethylsilanamines with cobalt(II) chlorideNarula, Suraj P; Shankar, Ravi; Soni, SajeevIJC-A Vol.30A(10) [October 1991]898-900
Preparation and characterization of molecular adducts of diarylantimony(V) chlorides, R2SCl3.LRaj, Prem; Misra, NeelimaIJC-A Vol.30A(10) [October 1991]901-903
Synthesis and spectral studies of Pd(II) complexes with 2,3-disubstituted quinazolin-(3H)-4-onesPrabhakar, B; Lingaiah, P; Reddy, K LaxmaIJC-A Vol.30A(10) [October 1991]904-907
Chemistry of substituted sulphuric acids: Part XX - Transition metal p-tolylsulphates and their complexesKapila, V P; Kapila, Bhupinder; Kumar, SunitiIJC-A Vol.30A(10) [October 1991]908-911
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20