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Symmetry consideration for the interpretation of isomeric product distribution in spontaneous aquation of octahedral cobalt(III) complexesPradhan, Guru CIJC-A Vol.30A(04) [April 1991]301-307
Methyl nitrene: Thermochemistry and kinetics of its rearrangement to methyleneimineKakkar, Rita; Walia, VibhaIJC-A Vol.30A(04) [April 1991]308-312
Effect of temperature on hydrogen isotope effects in dehydration of ion-exchange resins: Alkali metal ionic (Li+, K+ and Cs+) forms of Dowex-50W resinsInamdar, Neeta C; Sarpal, S K; Gupta, A RIJC-A Vol.30A(04) [April 1991]313-321
Changes in thermodynamic parameters in the exchange of alkaline earth metals with sodium ions in Dowex-50Wx 8 and Amberlyst-15 resins in aqueous mediumToteja, R S D; Jangida, B L; Sundaresan, MIJC-A Vol.30A(04) [April 1991]322-327
Phase behaviour and physicochemical properties of a microemulsion obtained from an edible oil (saffola)Paul, B K; Das, M L; Mukherjee, D C; Moulik, S PIJC-A Vol.30A(04) [April 1991]328-334
Studies of -α-phosphatidylcholine impregnated parchment paper model membraneSiddiqi, Fasih A; Beg, Mohd N; Singh, Surendra PIJC-A Vol.30A(04) [April 1991]335-339
Effect of iron(II), cerium(IV) and manganese(lll) in the reaction between thallium(III) and hydrogen peroxide in aqueous perchloric acidDhas, T Peter Amala; Mishra, Dilip K; Mittal, R K; Gupta, Y KIJC-A Vol.30A(04) [April 1991]340-346
Kinetics and mechanism of dissociation of di-(2-pyridyl)amine complexes copper (II), nickel (II) and cobalt (II) in aqueous acid mediaDas, Asim K; Banerjea, DIJC-A Vol.30A(04) [April 1991]347-349
Synthesis, Mossbauer, infrared spectroscopic and thermal decomposition studies of some iron(III) carboxylate complexesLanjewar, R B; Garg, A NIJC-A Vol.30A(04) [April 1991]350-356
Multidentate behaviour of 2-formylcyclohexanone schiff bases in the Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) complexesNatarajan, C; Sheela, C D; Athappan, P RIJC-A Vol.30A(04) [April 1991]357-362
Formation constants of Mn(II), Cu(II), Co (II), Zn(II), Fe(II), Ni(II) and Pd(II) complexes of peonolphenylhydrazoneNaidu, G Sreedhar; Naidu, R RaghavaIJC-A Vol.30A(04) [April 1991]363-368
Osmium(VIII) mediated vanadium(V) oxidation of arsenic(III) in aqueous sulphuric acidSambrani, M I; Raju, J RIJC-A Vol.30A(04) [April 1991]369-371
Physicochemical studies of 4-triftuoroacetyl and 4-trichloroacetyl derivatives of 3-methyl-1-phenylpyrazol-5-one and their U(VI), Fe(III) and Ca(II) complexesUzoukwu, Bieluonwu AugustusIJC-A Vol.30A(04) [April 1991]372-374
Studies on cobalt (II), nickel (II), copper (II) and zinc (II) complexes with glyoxal bis(2-pyrazinoyl hydrazone)Sanyal, G S; Garai, SIJC-A Vol.30A(04) [April 1991]375-378
Reactions of dithizone with transition metal complexes of acetylacetone and oxineAly, A A M; Osman, A HIJC-A Vol.30A(04) [April 1991]379-381
Some lanthanide (III) nitrate complexes of N-(4' -benzoylidene-3'-methyl-1' -phenylpyrazol- 5' -one )isonicotinylhydrazineIndrasenan, P; Sarojini, K RIJC-A Vol.30A(04) [April 1991]382-384
Formation constants of binary and ternary complexes of Cu(II) with ninhydrin and some O,O; N, and N, N donor ligands in aqueous mediumReddy, Ch Venkata Ramana; Devi, Ch Sarala; Reddy, M G RamIJC-A Vol.30A(04) [April 1991]385-386
An extractive spectrophotometric method for the determination of vanadium as V(II)-8-hydroxyquinoline complex into acetylacetone-chloroforrnChauhan, R S; Kakkar, L RIJC-A Vol.30A(04) [April 1991]387-389
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 18 of 18