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Electron-transfer interactions of chloranillbromanil with hexacyanometalate (4-), K4[M(CN)6], where M =Fe, Ruand OsGirgis, M M; Osman, A H; Arifien, A EIJC-A Vol.30A(03) [March 1991]235-238
Novel chloride isopropoxides and allied heterobimetallic complexes of iron(III) with aluminium(m)Gupta, (Miss) R; Singh, A; Mehrotra, R CIJC-A Vol.30A(03) [March 1991]261-265
Kinetics of chromic acid-oxalic acid reaction catalysed by manganese(II)-Kinetic analysis of the consecutive pathwayRao, P V Subba; Rao, G S R Krishna; Ramakrishna, K; Murthy, P S NIJC-A Vol.30A(03) [March 1991]239-242
Coadsorption of orgaqic molecules on mercury electrodeKrishnarnoorthy, P VIJC-A Vol.30A(03) [March 1991]230-234
Kinetics and mechanism of cooxidation of oxalic acid and arsenic(III) by chlorochromate in aqueous acetic acidSambrani, M I; Raju, J RIJC-A Vol.30A(03) [March 1991]243-246
Charge-transfer interaction of some aromatic hydrocarbons with chloranilAditya, Nupur; Basu, RamaIJC-A Vol.30A(03) [March 1991]266-268
Oxidation of diphenylamines by iodate - A kinetic studyBrahrnaiah, A; Manikyamba, PIJC-A Vol.30A(03) [March 1991]247-251
Studies on NOX conversion over transition metal ion (TMI) dopeq alumina-boria systemBose, J M; Banerjee, D; Guha, DIJC-A Vol.30A(03) [March 1991]219-224
Thermodynamic analysis of critical limits in Belousov-Zhabotinskii reaction systemRastogi, R P; Syal, V; Misra, G PIJC-A Vol.30A(03) [March 1991]203-208
Template copolymerization of methyl methacrylate and styrene on poly(methyl methacrylate)Awasthi, Sanjay K; Srivastava, A KIJC-A Vol.30A(03) [March 1991]215-218