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Sustained oscillations in a simple reaction modelRastogi, R P; Misra, G PIJC-A Vol.30A(02) [February 1991]177-180
β-Cyclodextrin catalysed autooxidation benzoin in alkaline mediumMaheswaran, M M; Divakar, SIJC-A Vol.30A(02) [February 1991]181-183
Molybdate-hydroxylamine reaction: Synthesis, characterisation and electrochemistry of Mo(NO), Mo(NO)2+ and Mo(NO)(NH2O)2+ chelates with 8-quinolinolBhattacharyya, Ramgopal; Ghosh, SwapnaIJC-A Vol.30A(01) [January 1991]35-40
Kinetics and mechanism of formation of binuclear complexes of iron(III) with malonatopentaaminecobalt(lll) and trans-bis(Hmalonato)bis-(ethylenediamine)cobalt(III) ions in aqueous solutionDas, Nigamananda; Nanda, Rabindra KIJC-A Vol.30A(02) [February 1991]125-129
MNDO calculations on hydrogen bonding complexes of cyanides and isoeyanides, and of acetylene and diacetylene: Use of modified cote-repulsion potentialChandra, A K; Banerjee, MIJC-A Vol.30A(02) [February 1991]105-108
Molecular com lexes of TCNE with acetanilides: Part 1VenkateshwarIu, G; Shantha, M; Subrahmanyam, BIJC-A Vol.30A(02) [February 1991]113-116
Vibrational overtone manifold of the CH stretching modes in pyridine and nitrobenzene: An analysis of the theoretical and observed spectra in terms of structural factorsMandaI, Dipak K; Ray, A KIJC-A Vol.30A(02) [February 1991]109-112
Quenching of excited uranyl ion during its photochemical reduction triphenylphosphine: Part 1-Effect of monosubstituted benzene derivativesSidhu, M S; Chopra, (Miss) A; Sandhu, S SIJC-A Vol.30A(02) [February 1991]117-118
Voltammetric behaviour of some substituted acetophenone oximes and semicarbazonesReddy, B Bhaskar; Sreedhar, N Y; Reddy, S JayaramaIJC-A Vol.30A(02) [February 1991]119-124
Kinetics and mechanism of dissociation of some para-substituted phenylbiguanide complexes of nickel(II) in aqueous hydrochloric acidGuha, Supriya; Banerjea, DIJC-A Vol.30A(03) [March 1991]269-271