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Population dynamics of siboga squid Doryteuthis sibogae (Cephalopoda/Teuthoidea) in Thoothukkudi (Tuticorin) coast, southeast coast of IndiaNeethiselvan, N.; Venkataramani, V. K.IJMS Vol.31(3) [September 2002]213-217
Metal concentrations in five mangrove species of the Bhitarkanika, Orissa, east coast of IndiaSarangi, R. K.; Kathiresan, K.; Subramanian, A. N.IJMS Vol.31(3) [September 2002]251-253
Reproductive effects of heavy metals on the rough periwinkle Littorina saxatilis (Mollusca: Prosobranchia)Daka, Erema R.; Hawkins, S. J.IJMS Vol.31(3) [September 2002]218-224
Coherence between interannual variability of sea level with some surface met-ocean parameters at Cochin, southwest coast of IndiaSrinivas, K.IJMS Vol.31(3) [September 2002]173-178
Antimicrobial activity in the tissue extracts of five species of cowries Cypraea spp. (Mollusca: Gastropoda) and an ascidian Didemnum psammathodes (Tunicata: Didemnidae)Anand, T. Prem; Edward, J. K. PattersonIJMS Vol.31(3) [September 2002]239-242
Nutrients and phytoplankton in the Babadıllimanı Bight, northeastern Mediterranean coast of TurkeyPolat, Sevim; Piner, Mine PercinIJMS Vol.31(3) [September 2002]188-194
Epiphytic bryozoan community of Posidonia oceanica (L.) Delile meadow in the northern Cyprus (Eastern Mediterranean)Kocak, Ferah; Balduzzi, Andrea; Benli, H. AvniIJMS Vol.31(3) [September 2002]235-238
In vivo induction of multiple shoots for scaling up of propagation of tree mangrove Bruguiera gymnorrhiza (Linn.) Sav. (Rhizophoraceae)Basak, U. C.; Das, P.IJMS Vol.31(3) [September 2002]249-250
Book Review-IJMS Vol.31(3) [September 2002]254-256
Wave forces on a vertical cylinder defenced by a perforated vertical and inclined barriersNeelamani, S.; Reddy, M. G. MuniIJMS Vol.31(3) [September 2002]179-187