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On the transient solution of birth-death master equation with an application to a chiral chemical systemParthasarathy, P RIJC-A Vol.35A(12) [December 1996]1021-1025
Optimal parametrization of structure for prediction of properties of alkanesKuanar, M; Mishra, R K; Mishra, B KIJC-A Vol.35A(12) [December 1996]1026-1033
Isomorphous substitution of trivalent cations in ZSM-5-a theoretical studyViswanathan, B; Jayashree, SIJC-A Vol.35A(12) [December 1996]1034-1037
Ion conductance and association studies of KI and some reference electrolytes KBPh4, Ph4AsI and n-Bu4NI in acetonitrile, N,N-dimethyl formamide and their isodielectric binary mixtures at 298.15KBhattacharya, Swapan Kumar; Ukil, Urmila; Kundu, Kiron KumarIJC-A Vol.35A(12) [December 1996]1038-1046
Solvation of carboxylate ions in water + acetone mixtures: An ultrasonic study at 303.15 KDash, U N; Mohanty, B KIJC-A Vol.35A(12) [December 1996]1047-1051
Ion-solvation studies of chloramine-T species in water, acetonitrile, DMF and their mixture by conductometrySusha, C B; Bhat, J IshwaraIJC-A Vol.35A(12) [December 1996]1052-1055
Conductometric, surface tension and thermodynamic studies of aqueous sodium dodecylbenzene sulphonate in pyridine and isomeric picolinesSharma, Vinod Kumar; Singh, Jaibir; Yadav, O PIJC-A Vol.35A(12) [December 1996]1056-1061
Redox and substitution reactions of trans-(diaqua)(N, N'-ethylenebis(salicylideneaminato)cobalt(lll) with hexacyanoferrate(ll, lll): A proton coupled electron transfer reactionDash, Anadi C; Mohanty, Prakash; Bramha, Gouri SIJC-A Vol.35A(12) [December 1996]1062-1067
Kinetics of ion exchange in binary and ternary systems using strongly acidic cation exchanger: Part 2-Kinetic behaviour and diffusion coefficients in ternary systemAimin, Zhao; Yinjie, SongIJC-A Vol.35A(12) [December 1996]1068-1072
Interactive free energy relationships in the Os(VIII) catalysed oxidation of chalcones by acid bromate: A kinetic studyVeeraiah, T; Sondu, SIJC-A Vol.35A(12) [December 1996]1073-1078
Oxidation of uronic acids by sodium N-chloro-p-toluenesulphonamide in alkaline medium : A kinetic studyRaghavendra, M P; Mahadevappa, D S; Rangappa, K S0975-0975(Online); 0376-4710(Print)1079-1083
Osmium(VIII) catalysed oxidation of antimony(lll) by alkaline Hexacyanoferrate(lll) and analysis of osmium{VIII) in microamount by a kinetic methodTimmanagoudar, P L; Hiremath, G A; Nandibewoor, S TIJC-A Vol.35A(12) [December 1996]1084-1090
Kinetics of retardation inpersulphate-Fe3+-bisulphite initiated polymerization of acrylamideBajpai, A K; Sharma, O PIJC-A Vol.35A(12) [December 1996]1091-1096
Synthesis and characterization of mixed ligand complexes of zinc(ll) with cytidine and amino acidsReddy, Pulimamidi Rabindra; Reddy, Aruva MohanIJC-A Vol.35A(12) [December 1996]1097-1101
Coulomb energy and Madelung constant of calcite-type latticesMurphy, R DIJC-A Vol.35A(12) [December 1996]1102-1103
Synthesis and characterisation of a tetranuclear macrobicyclic copper(II) complex containing two identical dinuclear fragmentsKorupoju, Srinivas R; Zacharias, P SIJC-A Vol.35A(12) [December 1996]1104-1106
Ruthenium(III) and rhodium(I) chelates of azomethines derived from 1-(2-naphthenyl)ethanoneJadon, S C Singh; Singh, Devendra; Singh, R VIJC-A Vol.35A(12) [December 1996]1107-1110
Homolytic displacement at carbon in organocobaloximes: Part 9­-Reactions of organocobaloximes with thiophene 2-sul-phonylchlorideGupta, B D; Das, IndiraIJC-A Vol.35A(12) [December 1996]1111-1113
Synthesis and spectral studies of dioxouranium(VI), lanthanum(lll) mercury(ll) and lead(ll) complexes with 8-hydroxyquinoline- 7- carboxaldene amino acidsHassaan, Aly M A; Khalifa, Mohamed AIJC-A Vol.35A(12) [December 1996]1114-1115
Kinetics and mechanism of alkaline hydrolysis of urea and sodium cyanateKhan, Zaheer; Rafiquee, M Z A; Kabir-ud-din; Niaz, M Arif; Khan, A AzizIJC-A Vol.35A(12) [December 1996]1116-1119
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 22