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Solubilization of n-decane into n-decyl-polyoxyethylene surfactants: A cavity forming free energy based modelNandi, NilashisIJC-A Vol.35A(08) [August 1996]625-628
Density functional study of the reaction paths of formamidineKaushik, R; Rastogi, R C; Ray, N KIJC-A Vol.35A(08) [August 1996]629-632
Spectroscopic properties and fluorescence quenching of luminol in aqueous mediumBhattacharjee, U; Mitra, S; Das, R; Mukherjee, SIJC-A Vol.35A(08) [August 1996]633-638
Formation constants and molecular modelling studies of metal ion-tetracycline complexesSharma, R K; Joseph, SherlyIJC-A Vol.35A(08) [August 1996]639-642
Physicochemical characteristics and CO oxidation over Pd/(α- Fe2O3 +SnO2) catalystKulshreshtha, S K; Gadgil, M MIJC-A Vol.35A(08) [August 1996]643-648
The characterization and test reaction of cyclohexanol over zeolites silico-aluminophosphates and chromite catalystsMurthy, K V V S B S R; Srinivas, B; Kulkarni, S J; Kaushik, V K; Subrahmanyam, M; Rao, P KantaIJC-A Vol.35A(08) [August 1996]649-655
Influence of method of preparation on pore structure and dehydrogenation activity of chromia catalystsRao, K S Rama; Narayana, K V; Venugopal, A; Rao, V Venkat; Masthan, S Khaja; Rao, P KantaIJC-A Vol.35A(08) [August 1996]656-659
Effect of sodium lauryl sulphate micelle in the oxidation of dl-mandelicacid by Cr(VI)Panigrahi, G P; Sahu, Saroj KIJC-A Vol.35A(08) [August 1996]660-666
Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of α-amino acids by Fremy's radical in aqueous borate buffer mediumKawle, Baloji; Rao, M Thirupathi; Adinarayana, MIJC-A Vol.35A(08) [August 1996]667-670
Studies on the interaction of iron(II), nickel(II), copper(II) and zinc(II) with tetraazamacrocyclesShakir, Mohammad; Varkey, Saji P; Nasman, Omar S MIJC-A Vol.35A(08) [August 1996]671-676
Synthesis, characterization and electrochemistry of unsymmetrical macrocyclic cobalt(ll) complexes derived from bis(benzyl)ethylenediimineReddy, M Radhakrishna; Raju, K Mohana; Reddy, K HussainIJC-A Vol.35A(08) [August 1996]677-680
Synthesis and spectral studies of copper(II) and nickel(II) complexes of isomeric and heterocyclic benzoylhydrazonesRao, Sayaji; Reddy, HussainIJC-A Vol.35A(08) [August 1996]681-686
A preliminary study of a CH4 / O2 solid oxide fuel cellGobal, FIJC-A Vol.35A(08) [August 1996]687-689
The effect of cyclic dealumination on the catalytic activity of beta zeoliteDas, J; Bhat, Y S; Halgeri, A BIJC-A Vol.35A(08) [August 1996]690-692
Anion-exchange behaviour of some metal ions in sodium nitrite-aqueous-organic media on amberlite M-500 exchangerAwad, M M B; Salem, A M A; Swelam, A AIJC-A Vol.35A(08) [August 1996]693-695
Role of a-substituent on the oxidation of a-amino acids by bromine in acid mediumRamachandran, M S; Easwaramoorthy, D; Sayeekannan, R; Vasanthkumar, SIJC-A Vol.35A(08) [August 1996]696-700
Synthesis and characterization of Dioxotungsten(VI) and dioxomolybdenum( VI) complexes of N-isonicotinamido-o- hydroxyacetophenoneimine via their oxoperoxo complexesMaurya, Mannar R; Gopinathan, CIJC-A Vol.35A(08) [August 1996]701-703
Studies on N-aIkyl-2-mercaptoacetamide complexes of indium(lll)Kaushik, Ajay; Singh, Yashpal; Rai, Audhesh KumarIJC-A Vol.35A(08) [August 1996]704-706
Synthesis and characterization of some unsymmetrical borole complexesSaxena, Chitra; Singh, R VIJC-A Vol.35A(08) [August 1996]707-709
Synthesis and characterization of cobalt(II), mckel(II), copper(II) and zinc(II) complexes of N5, 17,18-membered pentaazamacro-cycles with N5 donor setsShakir, Mohammad; Nasman, Omar S M; Mohamed, Ajax K; Varkey, Saji PIJC-A Vol.35A(08) [August 1996]710-713
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 23