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A low-spin carboxyl-bonded iron(III) complexKarmakar, Soma; Chakravorty, AnimeshIJC-A Vol.35A(02) [February 1996]85-86
Unusual conjugation pattern in a class of benzenoid hydrocarbonsGutman, Ivan; Ivanov-Petrović, Vesna; Pogodin, SergeyIJC-A Vol.35A(02) [February 1996]87-92
Dynamic instability in gas-liquid reactors-Oscillatory aerial oxidation of propionaldehydeRastogi, R P; Misra, G P; Das, Ishwar; Jaiswal, KiranIJC-A Vol.35A(02) [February 1996]93-101
Synthesis, characterization and reactivity studies of some electrophilic mono- and binuclear nitrosyls of ruthenium(II) containing ketoximatesSinha, S; Basudhar, P R; Das, P K; Ghosh, B KIJC-A Vol.35A(02) [February 1996]102-106
Synthesis and characterization of iron(III) complexes of salicylaldehyde 4-methoxybenzoyl hydrazoneDey, Kamalendu; Bandyopadhyay, Debasish; Bhattacharya, Prabir Kumar; Chakraborty, KartickIJC-A Vol.35A(02) [February 1996]107-111
Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of aliphatic aldehydes by N-bromobenzamideVyas, Vijay K; Kothari, Seema; Banerji, Kalyan KIJC-A Vol.35A(02) [February 1996]112-115
Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of some α-amino acids by ethyl N-chlorocarbamatePareek, Arun; Kothari, Seema; Banerji, Kalyan KIJC-A Vol.35A(02) [February 1996]116-120
Effect of denaturants on the speciation of amino acid complexes-computer augmented modelling studies: VI - Protonation equilibria of -glutamic acid and -ornithine in anionic micellar mediaSukumar, J Stanley; Rao, G Nageswara; Ramana, Karri V; Rao, M S PrasadaIJC-A Vol.35A(02) [February 1996]121-126
Viscosities and excess viscosities for binary liquid mixtures of ethylene glycol with water, dioxan and acetone at 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50°CBilkis, A B; Biswas, S K; Alamgir, M; Saieh, M AIJC-A Vol.35A(02) [February 1996]127-132
Thermodynamic functions and eutectic solidification in durene-biphenyl systemBassi, P S; Sharma, R PIJC-A Vol.35A(02) [February 1996]133-136
Viscosities for binary liquid mixtures of n-alkoxyethanols with water at 298.15KPal, Amalendu; Singh, Yoginder PalIJC-A Vol.35A(02) [February 1996]137-140
Ultrasonic velocities, isentropic compressibilities and viscosities of bovine serum albumin in water and water containing organic solvents, sodium lauryl sulphate and tetrabutylammonium iodide at 310 KGill, Dip Singh; Sharma, Radhika; Ali, Vazid; Khajuria, Rajesh; Singh, JasbirIJC-A Vol.35A(02) [February 1996]141-143
Kinetics of oxidation of chromium(lll) by N-bromosuccinimide in aqueous alkaline mediumKamble, D L; Hugar, G H; Nandibewoor, S TIJC-A Vol.35A(02) [February 1996]144-147
Kinetic and mechanistic studies on substitution reactions of oxalato ligands from tris(oxalato )chromate (lll) with bis-(2-aminoethyl)-amin-N, N, N', N", N"- pentaacetic acid (DTPA)Garg, V K; Relan, P SIJC-A Vol.35A(02) [February 1996]148-150
Synthesis and characterization of schiff base complexes of oxomolybdenum (IV), -(V) and -(VI)- Part ISubramani, Perumal; Krishnan, C NIJC-A Vol.35A(02) [February 1996]151-153
Synthesis and characterization of cobalt(II), nickel(II), copper(II), zinc(II), cadmium(II) and mercury(II) complexes with 1,8-dibenzoyl- 2,7-diphenyl- 3,6-diazaoctane and 1,9-dibenzoyl- 2,8-diphenyl- 3,7-diazanonaneMahapatra, B B; Behera, A KIJC-A Vol.35A(02) [February 1996]154-157
Organophosphorus reagents as extractants : Part 7-Liquid-liquid extraction of silver(I) and mercury(II) using tertiary phosphine chalcogenidesLobana, T S; Bhatia, P V K; DollyIJC-A Vol.35A(02) [February 1996]158-159
The surface acidity/basicity and catalytic activity of ternary oxides of La, Ce and AISugunan, S; Ampili, S; Jacob, Bindhu; Varghese, RaniIJC-A Vol.35A(02) [February 1996]160-162
Preparation and characterization of alumina pillared montmorillonite catalystsSindhu, P T; Jayasree, J; Sivakumar, S; Warrier, K G K; Narayanan, C SIJC-A Vol.35A(02) [February 1996]163-165
Spectrophotometric determination of ruthenium with 1-(4'-tolyl) 4:4:6 trimethylpyrimidine-2-thiolAtamjyot; Sharma, J D; Rao, A L JIJC-A Vol.35A(02) [February 1996]166-167
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 21