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Current status and scope of coral reef research in India: A bio-ecological perspectiveDe, Kalyan; Venkataraman, K.; Ingole, BabanIJMS Vol.46(04) [April 2017]647-662
Potential pharmaceutical and biomedical applications of Diatoms microalgae - An overviewKuppusamy, Palaniselvam; Soundharrajan, Ilavenil; Srigopalram, Srisesharam; Yusoff, Mashitah M.; Maniam, Gaanty Pragas; Govindan, Natanamurugaraj; Choi, Ki ChoonIJMS Vol.46(04) [April 2017]663-667
Can the Drought/Flood Monsoon Conditions over the Indian subcontinent be forecasted using Artificial Neural Networks?Pai, Maya L.; Pramod, K. V.; Balchand, A. N.; Kumar, M. R. RameshIJMS Vol.46(04) [April 2017]669-677
Study on aromatic hydrocarbons toxicity to chlorella vulgaris based on QSAR modelYang, Shenglong; Wang, CuihuaIJMS Vol.46(04) [April 2017]678-685
New Species of Ciliates (Genus: Strombidium sp.) from hypoxic waters of the Bay of Bengal, Northern Indian OceanElangovan, Sai S; Gauns, MangeshIJMS Vol.46(04) [April 2017]686-691
Stock Assessment of Molluscan Fisheries in Pakistani Marine Waters by using CEDA and ASPIC computer packagesMohsin, Muhammad; Mu, Yongtong; Zhu, Yugui; Memon, Aamir Mahmood; Akhter, Najeeb; Noman, Muhammad; Kalhoro, Muhammad TalibIJMS Vol.46(04) [April 2017]692-697
Experimental study on the regeneration of Fungiid corals in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, IndiaMondal, Tamal; Raghunathan, C.IJMS Vol.46(04) [April 2017]698-706
Evaluation on undrained shear strength of marine soil using cone penetration resistance in Zhujiang River mouth basin, South China SeaKe, LIU; Jianhua, WANGIJMS Vol.46(04) [April 2017]707-718
Morphology and phenotypic responses of haptophyceae marine microalga Pavlova lutheri during Cr (VI) exposure – A laboratory studySadhu, Sucheta; Kirubagaran, R.IJMS Vol.46(04) [April 2017]719-724
Effect of hydroxyl radical on harmful microalgae: a potential technology for treatment of ship’s ballast waterMeng, Xiangying; Chen, Cao; Bai, Mindong; Zhang, Zhitao; Cheng, Chao; Ma, Bin; Li, JiaxinIJMS Vol.46(04) [April 2017]725-734
Distribution of bioluminescent polychaete larvae of Odontosyllis sp. in South AndamanRamesh, CH.; Mohanraju, R.; Karthick, P.; Murthy, K. N.IJMS Vol.46(04) [April 2017]735-737
A new scleractinian coral Lobophyllia hemprichii (Family Mussidae) reported first time from the Marine National Park, Gulf of Kachchh, IndiaKumar, J. S. Yogesh; Satyanarayana, Ch.; Venkataraman, K.IJMS Vol.46(04) [April 2017]738-741
U-model based controller design for an unmanned free swimming submersible (UFSS) vehicle under hydrodynamic disturbancesAbbasi, I.; Ali, S. S. A.; Ovinis, M.; Naeem, W.IJMS Vol.46(04) [April 2017]742-748
Sea cucumber (Holothuria tubulosa Gmelin, 1790) culture under marine fish net cages for potential use in integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA)Tolon, Mustafa Tolga; Emiroglu, Dilek; Gunay, Deniz; Ozgul, AytacIJMS Vol.46(04) [April 2017]749-756
Sustainable Marine Fisheries Resources of Bangladesh: A Strategic Response for Economic SecurityShamsuzzaman, Md. Mostafa; Xiangmin, Xu; Islam, Mohammad Mahmudul; Alam, Md. Wahidul; Karim, EhsanulIJMS Vol.46(04) [April 2017]757-765
First time report on the weather patterns over the Sundarban mangrove forest, East Coast of IndiaPitchaikani, J. Selvin; Sarma, Kakoli Sen; Bhattacharyya, SomenathIJMS Vol.46(04) [April 2017]766-770
A wake up call for protecting Digha coast, West Bengal, Northeast coast of IndiaPitchaikani, J. Selvin; Mukherjee, SubratIJMS Vol.46(04) [April 2017]771-773
Size selectivity of square and diamond mesh trawl codend for fish with different body shapesDemirci, Sevil; Akyurt, İhsanIJMS Vol.46(04) [April 2017]774-779
On the occurrence of Campanian rudist biostrome, Aruma Formation, Central Saudi ArabiaEl-Sorogy, Abdelbaset; Nour, HamdyIJMS Vol.46(04) [April 2017]780-784
Multivariate analysis for river water quality assessment of the Cauvery River, Tamil Nadu, IndiaKarthikeyan, P.; Venkatachalapathy, R.; Vennila, G.IJMS Vol.46(04) [April 2017]785-790
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 26