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Organa-aluminium, -gallium and -indium compounds as precursors for semi-conducting thin layersJena, Satyaban; Dash, Kailash CIJC-A Vol.33A(08) [August 1994]699-709
Generalised valence bond orbital interaction, stability and UV spectra of 1,3-dienesPaI, S KIJC-A Vol.33A(08) [August 1994]710-718
Non-electrolyte analogues of salt-water oscillator-Studies with quinine-water systemSingh, O P; Kumar, K; Bala, K; Srivastava, R CIJC-A Vol.33A(08) [August 1994]719-721
Photooxidation of diphenylamine in micellar mediaGupta, P K; Dahrniwal, N RIJC-A Vol.33A(08) [August 1994]722-726
Molecular interactions in binary mixtures of non-electrolytes: Molar excess volumes and molar excess enthalpiesSharma, V K; Singh, P P; Maken, S; Singh, JaibirIJC-A Vol.33A(08) [August 1994]727-731
Formation of anodic oxide films on titanium in the presence of ultraviolet radiationsKalra, K C; Singh, K C; Singh, MohinderIJC-A Vol.33A(08) [August 1994]732-734
Template mechanism for the interaction of ninhydrin with cadmium(II) and copper(II) complexes of -aspartic acid-A kinetic studyKhan, Zaheer; Gupta, Dileep; Khan, A AzizIJC-A Vol.33A(08) [August 1994]735-739
Studies on the kinetics and mechanism of complex formation in the reactions of ferron with iron(III) and uranium(VI)Das, Asim KIJC-A Vol.33A(08) [August 1994]740-745
Reaction of tetrasodiumcalix(4)arene sulphonate with transition metal(III) nitrates (metal = Cr, Co & Fe)Chawla, H Mohindra; Hooda, Usha; Singh, VeenaIJC-A Vol.33A(08) [August 1994]746-749
Oscillatory oxidation in enzyme reactionsRastogi, R P; Srinivas, G; Das, MukulIJC-A Vol.33A(08) [August 1994]750-753
Electrocatalytic activities of some metallized graphite electrodes for aqueous Fe2+/3+ redox couples from polarization studiesBhattacharya, S; Kundu, K KIJC-A Vol.33A(08) [August 1994]754-757
Effect of magnetic field on membrane transportBlokhra, R L; Joshi, J; DepinderIJC-A Vol.33A(08) [August 1994]758 759
Kinetics of reduction of silver (I)-gelatin complex in aqueous alkaline solutionPal, T; Jana, N R; Das, P KIJC-A Vol.33A(08) [August 1994]760-762
Acidic properties and catalytic activities of TiO2-SiO2-Al2O3 and MoO3-SiO2-Al2O3 synthesized by homogeneous coprecipitationSabu, K R; Rao, K V C; Nair, C G RIJC-A Vol.33A(08) [August 1994]763-769
X-ray K-absorption studies of some schiff base copper oomplexesHankare, P P; Bhaskare, C KIJC-A Vol.33A(08) [August 1994]770-771
Synthesis and characterization of copper(I) tetrathiomolybdatesLakshmanan, Vasanthi; Nagaraja, K S; Udupa, M RIJC-A Vol.33A(08) [August 1994]772-774
Synthesis and characterization of chromium(III), manganese(II), iron(III), cobalt(II), nickel(II), copper(II), zinc(II), cadmium(II) and mercury(II) complexes of oxyphenbutazoneSuma, S; Sudarsanakumar, M R; Nair, C G R; Prabhakaran, C PIJC-A Vol.33A(08) [August 1994]775-778
Synthesis and electrophilic reactions of lanthanide(Ill) β-diketone schiff base chelatesSamath, S Abdul; Ramalingam, S KIJC-A Vol.33A(08) [August 1994]779-781
Synthesis, characterization and biological studies of uranium(IV), dioxouranium(VI) and thorium(IV) complexes with coumarin biheterocyclesGudasi, K B; Dhumwad, S D; Goudar, T RIJC-A Vol.33A(08) [August 1994]782-784
Synthesis and characterization of new mixed ligand complexes of ruthenium(II) containing triphenylphosphine and 2'-hydroxychalconesDharmaraj, N; Natarajan, KIJC-A Vol.33A(08) [August 1994]785-787
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 22