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Review of Indian research on innovative breakwatersRajendra, K; Balaji, R; Mukul, PIJMS Vol.46(03) [March 2017]431-452
Anisotropic multi-component seismic identification of gas hydrate in deep water environments of Shenhu area in the South China SeaWang, Qing; Wang, Yun; Liu, Zhiwei; Guo, ShiguangIJMS Vol.46(03) [March 2017]453-461
Relocating ocean-bottom seismometersHan, Youwei; Wang, XiangchunIJMS Vol.46(03) [March 2017]462-465
Discussion on a general formula of sediment diffusion coefficient and sediment fluctuating intensities in the sediment-laden flowQing, FENG; Xiao-ping, LI; Yan-shuang, ZHENGIJMS Vol.46(03) [March 2017]466-479
Climate change and biological productivity: Indian OceanShah, Meghal; Chaturvedi, Neera; Pandya, Himanshu; AjaiIJMS Vol.46(03) [March 2017]480-484
Evaluation of economic performance of small scale fisheries in a tropical coastal ecosystem in southwest coast of India.Sreekanth, G.B.; Lekshmi, Manju N.; Singh, N.P.; Chakraborty, S.K.; Reddy, V.IJMS Vol.46(03) [March 2017]485-492
Towards attaining sustainable fishing operations in KeralaAil, Sunil S.; Jayasankar, J.; Krishnan, M.; Landge, Asha; Shenoy, LathaIJMS Vol.46(03) [March 2017]493-496
Diversity and decolorization potential of fungi isolated from the coral reef regions off Kavaratti, India.Barathikannan, Kaliyan; Ramasamy, Kesava Priyan; Manohar, Cathrine Sumathi; Meena, Ram MurtiIJMS Vol.46(03) [March 2017]497-503
Post M-9 event changes on bathymetry and sediment characteristics of innershelf zone off Kayamkulam, southern Kerala, IndiaVarghese, Tiju I.; Prakash, T.N.; Hameed, T.S. ShahulIJMS Vol.46(03) [March 2017]504-512
Estimation of Undrained Shear Strength of Konyaalti Silty ClaysCangir, Bülent; Dipova, NihatIJMS Vol.46(03) [March 2017]513-520
Effects of nonylphenol on plasma steroids, vitellogenin synthesis and sex reversal in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fingerlingsAli, T. El-Sayed; Abdel-Aziz, S. H.; El-Sayed, A.-F.M.; Zeid, S.IJMS Vol.46(03) [March 2017]521-528
Prediction of bed ripple geometry under controlled wave conditions: wave-flume experiments and MIKE21 numerical simulationsDaghigh, H.; Khaniki, A. Karami; Bidokhti, A. A.; Habibi, M.IJMS Vol.46(03) [March 2017]529-537
Monitoring land use/cover changes using remotely sensed imagery in Isfahan, IranNadoushan, Mozhgan Ahmadi; Abari, Maryam Foroughi; Radnezhad, Hadi; Sadeghi, MasoumehIJMS Vol.46(03) [March 2017]538-544
Reduced-order optimal controller design for an underwater gliderPedram, Farahnak; Erfan, Azinpour; Hassan, ZarabadipourIJMS Vol.46(03) [March 2017]545-550
Population dynamics of Randall’s threadfin bream Nemipterus randalli from Pakistani waters, Northern Arabian SeaKalhoro, Muhsan Ali; Tang, DanLing; Ye, HaiJun; Morozov, Evgeny; Liu, Qun; Memon, Khadim Hussain; Kalhoro, Muhammad TalibIJMS Vol.46(03) [March 2017]551-561
Temporal variations of condition and prey-predator status for two Halfbeaks (Hemiramphus archipelagicus and H. lutkei) in the Karachi Coast of Pakistan through multi-model inferenceTabassum, Sadaf; Hossen, Md. Alomgir; Yousuf, Farzana; Elahi, Naeema; Hossain, Md. Yeamin; Pramanik, Md. Nasir Uddin; Nawer, Fairuz; Yahya, Khairun; Bahkali, Ali H.; Elgorban, Abdallah M.IJMS Vol.46(03) [March 2017]562-568
Distribution pattern and community structure of sea cucumbers (Class: Holothuroidea) in different biogeographic regions of the selected Islands of Lakshadweep Archipelago, IndiaIdreesbabu, K.K.; Sureshkumar, S.IJMS Vol.46(03) [March 2017]569-575
Applications of CEDA (catch effort data analysis) computer software in estimation of Maximum Sustainable Yieldof the Black Pomfret Parastromateus nigerFishery from Pakistani WatersMEMON, Khadim H.; LIU, Qun; SHAIKH, Qurat-ul-ain; KALHORO, Muhsan A.; CHANG, Mohammad S.; MEMON, Aamir M.; RUK, Majeeda; UJJAN, Safdar AliIJMS Vol.46(03) [March 2017]576-581
Seasonal Variations of Growth Pattern and Condition of Paradise threadfin Polynemus paradiseus (Polynemidae) from Tetulia River in Southern BangladeshHossen, Md. Alomgir; Hossain, Md. Yeamin; Ali, Mir Mohammad; Pramanik, Md. Nasir Uddin; Nawer, Fairuz; Islam, Md. Ariful; Hossain, Md. Akhtar; Bahkali, Ali H.; Elgorban, Abdallah M.IJMS Vol.46(03) [March 2017]582-590
Biochemical studies on the live feed polychaete, Nereis sp., in relation to maturity stagesSahu, Sunil Kumar; Singh, Reena; Murugesan, Perumal; Muthuvelu, Samikkannu; Kathiresan, KandasamyIJMS Vol.46(03) [March 2017]591-596
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 25