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Authors: Munnolli, Satish S
Kalyane, V L
Issue Date: Mar-2003
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: Scientometric analysis of 312 papers by Ram Gopal Rastogi published during 1954 to 1992 in various domains:(a) Luni - solar activity end quiet - time E & F - region(57): (b) Equatorial electric field and low and mid latitude ionosphere (78); (c) Ionospheric E - region irregularities(19); (d) Ionospheric F - region irregularities (32); and (e) Magnetic disturbance effects on the equatorial low and mid latitude ionosphere (23) were analysed. Inter-domainey contents and of the number of papers: a+b were 36; b+c and b+d were 20 each; b+e were 16; c+e were 5; a+e were 3; d+e were 2; and a+d had only one publication. Highest collaborations were with H. Chendra(61), M. R. Deshpande (42), and G. Sethia (19) out of his total 97 collaborators. His highest productivity was during 1978 with 28 papers followed by 19 papers during 1977.The core journals preferred by him for publishing papers were: Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics, India, and Journal of Atomic & Terrestrial Physics, UK (59 each), followed by Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences, India (34). Most prolific title keywords with their frequencies were : Ionosphere (92); Equatorial(6 1);F-region (53); Equatorial electrojet region (40), and Magnetic equator (30).
Page(s): 1-17
ISSN: 0972-5423
Appears in Collections:ALIS Vol.50(1) [March 2003]

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