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Methanation and adsorption of CO, CO + H2, CO2 and CO2 + H2 over Ru-RuOx/TiO2 catalyst: TDS and FTIR studiesGupta, N M; Thampi, K Ravindranathan; Kamble, V S; Londhe, V P; Oz, H; Gratzel, MIJC-A Vol.33A(05) [May 1994]365-373
Direct evidence for simultaneous CO and CO2 hydrogenation over Ru-RuO x/TiO2 catalystGupta, N M; Kamble, V S; Thampi, K R; Gratzel, MIJC-A Vol.33A(05) [May 1994]374-379
Group VI metal carbonyl complexes of (amino)spirocyclic cyclotriphosphazenesChandrasekaran, A; Krishnamurthy, S SIJC-A Vol.33A(05) [May 1994]391-394
Acidity of HY-zeolite catalysts- Catalytic titrimetry by isopropyl alcohol dehydrationKorah, Prince C; Viswanathan, BIJC-A Vol.33A(05) [May 1994]380-385
On the nature of hydrogen bonding in quinizarin 2-sulphonate in aqueous solutionMukherjee, T; Bruce, J MIJC-A Vol.33A(05) [May 1994]386-390
A selective and rapid microdetermination of molybdenum(VI) using 2', 4'-dihydroxyacetophenone benzoylhydrazone as a new reagentDass, Rameshwar; Mehta, J RIJC-A Vol.33A(05) [May 1994]438-439
Preparation and study of a nickel(II) ion selective electrodeBhatt, Hiren P; Thakkar, N VIJC-A Vol.33A(05) [May 1994]436-437
2,4,6-Tris(1-hydroxy-4-sulphonaphthyl-2-azo)pyrimidine as a regent for the determination of the indium in its alloysSingh, Ishwar; Saini, RakeshIJC-A Vol.33A(05) [May 1994]440-441
Spectrophotometric determination of trace amounts of cadmium with iodide and methyl violetNair, D Sreevalsan; Rao, T Prasada; Iyer, C S P; Damodaran, A OIJC-A Vol.33A(05) [May 1994]445-446
Determination of various physical ammeters of metal extractantsHarjit, Jeena; Pande, RamaIJC-A Vol.33A(05) [May 1994]442-444