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Title: Oxidative behaviours and relative reactivities of some aliphatic, heterocyclic and aromatic aldehydes towards bis(dihydrogentellurato )cuprate(III) and argentate(III) in alkaline medium
Authors: Gupta, Kalyan Kali Sen
Nandy, Bijay Kumar
Bera, Ashok Kumar
Gupta, Shipra Sen
Issue Date: Mar-1997
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
Abstract: The oxidative behaviours and relative reactivities of some aliphatic aldehydes, XCHO (where X = H - , Me - , MeCH2 -, Me2CH-), 2-furaldehyde and aromatic aldehydes, YC6H4CHO (where Y= -H, -NO2, -Cl and -OMe) towards bis(dihydrogentellurato)metallate(III) ion (where MIlI= CUllI or AgIII) in alkaline medium have been investigated. The reactions are first order each in [aldehyde] and [MIII(H2TeO6)2]5- - but the rate is independent of [OH-]. The values of kobs in the oxidation of some aliphatic aldehydes, 2-furaldehyde and benzaldehyde in aqueous medium follow the order: Me2CH - > MeCH2 - > Me - > H - > C4H3O - > C6H5, -. The electron withdrawing substituents facilitate the rate of oxidation of benzaldehyde whereas electron donating substituents have opposite effect and the values of kobs, follow the order: - NO2 > - H > - Cl > - OMe. The pseudofirst order rate constants decrease considerably in benzaldehyde-d1., than benzaldehyde under comparable condition of experiments. Irrespective of whether the substrate is aliphatic or aromatic, the oxidation reactions occur via free radical mechanism although the substituent and isotope effects in the oxidations of aromatic aldehydes indicate that C - H bond cleavage via proton transfer may also occur. The activation parameters of the reactions have been determined and the mechanism of the reactions is discussed.
Page(s): 190-196
ISSN: 0975-0975(Online); 0376-4710(Print)
Appears in Collections:IJC-A Vol.36A(03) [March 1997]

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