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Kinetics of oxidation of chloroacetic acids by sodium N-bromo-p-toluenesulphonamide (bromamine-T) in HCl medium and catalysis by Ru(III) ionVenkatesha, B M; Ananda, S; Mahadevappa, D SIJC-A Vol.33A(02) [February 1994]128-135
Synthesis and characterization of iron(III), cobalt(II), nickel(II), copper (II),ruthemum(ll, III), rhodium(III) and palladium(ll) complexes with N-(2-carboxyphenyl)- and 2-amino – N-(2-carboxyphenyl)-benzamidesKumar, B K; Ravinder, V; Swamy, G B; Swamy, S JIJC-A Vol.33A(02) [February 1994]136-142
Electrolyte diffusion of cobalt and manganese salts in waterPatil, S F; Rajurkar, N S; Borhade, A VIJC-A Vol.33A(02) [February 1994]159-161
Effect of solvents on voltammetric behaviour of ferric perchlorateKumbhat, SIJC-A Vol.33A(02) [February 1994]162-165
Excess molar volumes and apparent molar volumes of water + polyethyleneglycol tures at 303.15 and 308.15KPal, A; Halder, P N; Singh, WazirIJC-A Vol.33A(02) [February 1994]154-158
Vibronic spectra of radical cations of some hydroxyl substituted naphthalenesSharma, Ashok K; Zaidi, Z H; Machwe, M KIJC-A Vol.33A(02) [February 1994]145-147
The interionic forces in copper, silver and thallium halide moleculesAli, Md. Siddique; Hasan, Md. ManzirIJC-A Vol.33A(02) [February 1994]148-150
ESR studies of MoS2/ZrO2 catalystRao, P Kanta; Dhar, G MuraIi; Rao, K Somasekhara; Prasad, V V D NIJC-A Vol.33A(02) [February 1994]151-153
The frontier molecular orbital analysis of the phosphorus analogues of cyclopeqtadienyl anionMalar, E J PadmaIJC-A Vol.33A(02) [February 1994]143-144
Thermal behaviour and structural variations of Mg-doped Cu-Mn mixed oxides and the catalytic activity of the thermal products in H2O2-decompositionSelim, M M; Farid, T; Youssef, N AIJC-A Vol.33A(02) [February 1994]120-123