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Title: Silyl-nitrogen compounds + : Part VIII - Reactions of pentasilaphospha- pentazene with some group (V) derivatives
Authors: Vasisht, S K
Dixit, Seema
Bandhu, Kavita
Issue Date: Oct-1998
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
Abstract: Pentakis(trimethylsilyl)-3-phospha-2-pentazene, (Me3Si)2N-N (SiMe3)-P=N-N(SiMe3)2 (1) reacts with POCI3 to form a [2+2]-cycloadduct, 2,2,2-trichloro-3-bis(tri-methylsilyl)amino-4-tris (trimethylsilyl) hydrazino- 1 -oxa- 3-amino-2,4-diphosphacyclobutane (2) which loses trimethylchlorosilane to form 2,5-dichloro-5-oxo-3, 4- bis(trimethylsilyl)-2-bis(trimethylsilyl) amino-1,3,4-triaza-2, 5-diphosphacyclopent- 1 -ene, (3). With ECI3(E=P or As), (1) forms partially desilylated heterocycle, 2,5-dichloro-3.4-bis(trimethylsilyl)-1 ,2.4-triaza-2-phospha-3- (phospha or arsa)-cyclopentane, (4,5). However, AsBr3, forms 5-bromo-4-trimethylsilyl-1-bis (trimethylsilyl) amino-1,3,4-triaza-2-phospha-5-arsa-cycIopent-2-ene (6) which loses Me3SiBr to provide 1-bis (trimethylsilyl)amino-1,3.4-triaza-2-phospha-5-arsa-cyclopent-2,4-diene, (7).
Page(s): 887-890
ISSN: 0975-0975(Online); 0376-4710(Print)
Appears in Collections:IJC-A Vol.37A(10) [October 1998]

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