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Determination of suitable cutting size for vegetative propagation and comparison of propagules to evaluate the seed quality attributes in Jatropha curcas Linn.Kathiravan, M; Ponnuswamy, A S; Vanitha, CNPR Vol.8(2) [March-April 2009]162-166
Chemistry and in vivo profile of ent-kaurene glycosides of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni—An overviewSharma, Manishika; Thakral, Naveen Kr; Thakral, SeemaNPR Vol.8(2) [March-April 2009]181-189
Some abortifacient plants used by the tribal people of West BengalMitra, S; Mukherjee, Sobhan KrNPR Vol.8(2) [March-April 2009]167-171
Effect of organic manures and chemical fertilizers on the performance of a newly introduced aromatic crop Clarysage (Salvia sclarea Linn.) in the UttarakhandMishra, A C; Negi, K SNPR Vol.8(2) [March-April 2009]158-161
Pharmacognostical studies and evaluation of total phenolic contents of trunk bark of Spondias mangifera Willd.Arif, Muhammad; Zaman, K; Fareed, SheebaNPR Vol.8(2) [March-April 2009]146-150
Identification and characterization of Ratanjot (Arnebia nobilis Reichb.f.)Arora, Anjali; Gulrajani, M L; Gupta, DeeptiNPR Vol.8(2) [March-April 2009]142-145
Kigelia africana (Lam.) Benth. — An overviewSaini, Sangita; Kaur, Harmeet; Verma, Bharat; Ripudaman; Singh, S KNPR Vol.8(2) [March-April 2009]190-197
Chemistry, antimicrobial and antioxidant potentials of Cinnamomum tamala Nees & Eberm. (Tejpat) essential oil and oleoresinsKapoor, I P S; Singh, Bandana; Singh, Gurdip; Isidorov, Valery; Szczepaniak, LechNPR Vol.8(2) [March-April 2009]106-116
Ethnobotanical uses of some plants by Tripuri and Reang tribes of TripuraDas, Himangshu Bikash; Majumdar, Koushik; Datta, B K; Ray, DebasisNPR Vol.8(2) [March-April 2009]172-180
Bioefficacy of neem products and insecticides against the incidence of whitefly, yellow mosaic virus and pod borer in Black gramGupta, M P; Pathak, R KNPR Vol.8(2) [March-April 2009]133-136