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Synthesis, spectral and electrochemical studies of dioxotungsten(Vl) complexes of binucleating schiff bases derived from methylene- or dithio-bis(salicylaldehyde) and various hydrazidesMaurya, Mannar R; Antony, Deena C; Gopinathan, S; Gopinathan, CIJC-A Vol.34A(12) [December 1995]967-970
Thermodynamic parameters for the interaction of metal-nucleoside-amino acid systemsReddy, P Rabindra; Sudhakar, K; Reddy, A MohanIJC-A Vol.34A(12) [December 1995]976-979
Excess molar volumes of 2-butoxyethanol + ethylene glycol, + diethylene glycol, + triethylene glycol, + propylene glycol, + dimethyl sulphoxide, and + cyclohexane at the temperature 298.15 KPal, Amalendu; Kumar Sharma, Harish; Singh, WazirIJC-A Vol.34A(12) [December 1995]987-989
Viscometric studies of molecular interactions in binary liquid mixtures of dichloromethane and some nonpolar solventsYadava, R R; Yadav, S N; Yadava, S SIJC-A Vol.34A(12) [December 1995]990-993
Kinetics and mechanism of copper(ll) catalyzed autoxidation of aqueous sulphur dioxide in acetate buffersJain, Usha; Sharma, Madhu; Rani, Ashu; Gupta, Krishna SIJC-A Vol.34A(12) [December 1995]971-975
Catalytic activity of five coordinate cobalt(II) complexes for the decomposition of hydrogen peroxideSreekala, R; Yusuff, K K MohammedIJC-A Vol.34A(12) [December 1995]994-996
Cyclopentadienyl uranium (IV) β-diketonates and alkoxidesGill, M S; Sagoria, V SIJC-A Vol.34A(12) [December 1995]997-999
Catalytic activity of some of the perovskite-type mixed oxides (ABO3) consisting of rare earth and 3d transition metalsSugunan, S; Meera, VIJC-A Vol.34A(12) [December 1995]984-986
Retardation kinetics of acrylamide polymerization by organic solventsBajpai, A K; Sharma, O PIJC-A Vol.34A(12) [December 1995]980-983
Cyclic sulphur-nitrogen compounds and phosphorus reagents: Part XIII1-Reactions of cyclic sulphur-nitrogen chlorides with Ph3P-influences of tertiary base, Et3N and the ring size of the cyclothiazyl chloride on the product formationMohan, T; Senthivel, P; Rao, M N SudheendraIJC-A Vol.34A(12) [December 1995]961-966