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Studies on some homo/hetero trinuclear metal complexes of 1, 8-di(2ยด-hydroxyphenyl)- 4, 5-diphenyl-2, 3, 6, 7- tetrazaoctan -1, 3, 5, 7-tetraene with copper(II), nickel(II) and cobalt(II)Panda, A K; Mohanty, H; Dash, D CIJC-A Vol.34A(11) [November 1995]911-914
Synthesis and characterization of complexes of early actinides with tridentate schiff base ligandsMansingh, Pathani S; Dash, Kailash CIJC-A Vol.34A(11) [November 1995]904-907
A mass transfer study of the thermodynamics of o-iodoaniline and of the proton ionization of o-iodoanilinium ionAboul-Seoud, A; Salama, FIJC-A Vol.34A(11) [November 1995]892-895
Synthesis, characterization and ion exchange behaviour of a new phase of antimony(V) phosphate cation exchanger: Selective adsorption of lead(II)Varshney, K G; Gupta, Alka; Singhal, K CIJC-A Vol.34A(11) [November 1995]888-891
Synthesis and characterization of 3-indole carboxylates of niobocene dichlorideSharma, Sangeeta; Sonika; Gupta, Shamma; Narula, A KIJC-A Vol.34A(11) [November 1995]908-910
Solubilization of various organic nitrogen bases in O/W and W/O microemulsions of anionic and cationic surfactantsBakshi, Mandeep SinghIJC-A Vol.34A(11) [November 1995]896-899
Ru(lll) catalysed oxidation of a-hydroxy acids by iodate- A kinetic studyBrahmaiah, A; Manikyamba, PIJC-A Vol.34A(11) [November 1995]900-903
Ground and excited state proton transfer of 4-methyl- 2,6-diacetylphenol in some highly polar aprotic solvents: Interaction with baseDas, Ranjan; Mitra, Sivaprasad; Nath, Debnarayan; Mukherjee, SamareshIJC-A Vol.34A(11) [November 1995]850-856
Ultrafast solvation dynamics of an ion in a restricted environmentNandi, Nilashis; Bagchi, BimanIJC-A Vol.34A(11) [November 1995]845-849
Transfer energetics of uracil, thymine, cytosine and adenine in aqueous mixtures of lithium chloride, sodium chloride and potassium chlorideGanguly, Sonali; Kundu, Kiron KIJC-A Vol.34A(11) [November 1995]857-865