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Synthesis and characterization of dioxouranium(VI), oxovanadium(lV), thorium(lV), zinc(II), cadmium(II), mercury(II) and lead(II) complexes with propylenediamine-bis(isatin) schiff baseKhalifa, Mohamed A; Hassaan, Aly MIJC-A Vol.34A(07) [July 1995]580-583
Effect of nickel(II) ternary complex formation on the coordination behaviour of glycylglycine in aqueous solutionNair, M Sivasankaran; Neelakantan, M A; Gnanaselvi, B V Persis; Shenbagavalli, PIJC-A Vol.34A(07) [July 1995]576-579
Synthesis and characterization of platinum(II) and palladium(II) complexes of methionine and nucleosidesKhan, Badar Taqui; Mohan, K Murali; Khan, S Rounaq Ali; Goud, G NarsaIJC-A Vol.34A(07) [July 1995]573-575
Effect of denaturants on the speciation of amino acid complexes-Computer augmented modelling studies - IV: Cobalt(II), copper(II) and zinc(II) complexes of L-glutamic acid in water-N,N' -dimethylformamide mixturesBabu, M Saratchandra; Sukumar, J Stanley; Rao, G Nageswara; Ramana, Karri V; Rao, M S PrasadaIJC-A Vol.34A(07) [July 1995]567-572
Synthesis and X-ray characterization of potassium-chloride-hexafiuorometallatesMüller, Horst; Abberger, SIJC-A Vol.34A(07) [July 1995]563-566
Ion association and solvation of silver monocarboxylates in water + mannitol and water + sorbitol mixtures at different temperatures: A conductivity studyDash, U N; Pattanaik, E RIJC-A Vol.34A(07) [July 1995]556-562
Equilibrium studies of poly nucleating dye with bivalent metal ionsSrivastava, H P; Tiwari, DiwakarIJC-A Vol.34A(07) [July 1995]550-555
Cracking of hydrocarbons on LaX and PrX zeolite-Part II: The influence of acidity, degree of exchange, temperature and nature of cationDas, D; Pathak, M G; Bhagat, S D; Upreti, M CIJC-A Vol.34A(07) [July 1995]546-549
Effect of phenols on the polarographic and spectral behaviour of hexavalent molybdenum in sulphuric acid solutionsIbrahim, Amany M A; Ismail, Mohamed IIJC-A Vol.34A(07) [July 1995]540-545
Synthesis and spectral studies of ruthenium(lll) complexes with (mono, di-seleno )bis(β-diketone) and imidodi( thiocarbonic acid-O-alkyl ester)Ramesh, R; Natarajan, KIJC-A Vol.34A(07) [July 1995]535-539
Synthesis and characterization of iron(III) complexes of diacetylbis- (4-methoxybenzoyl hydrazone)Dey, Kamalendu; Bhattacharya, Prabir Kumar; Bandyopadhyay, Debasish; Chakraborty, Kartick; Mallick, Alok KumarIJC-A Vol.34A(07) [July 1995]529-534
Kinetics of oxidation of organic sulphides with carboxylato-bound Chromium(V)Ganesan, T K; Bharathy, J R Bosco; Sheriff, A I Md; Rajagopal, SIJC-A Vol.34A(07) [July 1995]522-528
Probable reaction mechanism and nature of active sites in the catalytic cracking of hydrocarbons over zeolites LaX and PrX-Part IDas, D; Upreti, M CIJC-A Vol.34A(07) [July 1995]512-521
Mechanism of electrochemical oxidation of phenylhydrazine at pyrolytic graphite electrodeGoyal, R N; Srivastava, Amit KIJC-A Vol.34A(07) [July 1995]506-511
Multiple hydrogen attachment to methyl iodide ionsNagesha, KIJC-A Vol.34A(07) [July 1995]501-505
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15