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Flash-photolysis studies of trans-[Cr(cyclam)(CN)2]CIO4 (cyclam = 1,4,7,11- tetraaza-cyclotetradecane) complex: Dependence of its luminescence lifetime on solvents, concentration and temperatureVincze, L.; Sandor, F.; Pem, J.; Bosnyak, Gy.IJC-A Vol.37A(12) [December 1998]1041-1044
Synthesis, X-ray structure and properties of (ƞ6-p-cymene )ruthenium(II) schiff-base complexes of vinylpyridine and vinylimidazole ligandsRoy, Sudeshna; Sudha, Chellamma; Chakravarty, Akhil RIJC-A Vol.37A(12) [December 1998]1045-1051
Cyclic S-N compounds and phosphorus reagents--Part XVIll1: Synthesis and X-ray structural characterization of phosphiniminocyclotrithiazenes with a primary amino substituentGopalakrishnan, Janarthanan; Srinivas, Janaswamy; Murthy, G Sreenivasa; Rao, M N SudheendraIJC-A Vol.37A(12) [December 1998]1052-1056
Proton transfer equilibria between m-substituted benzoic acids and the carbinol base of crystal violet in apolar aprotic solvents : A comparison between toluenephase and aqueous-phase strengths of the acidsSengupta, Susanta K; Rani, V RadhaIJC-A Vol.37A(12) [December 1998]1057-1062
Excess molar enthalpies of mixing of 1-butanol with aromatic hydrocarbons at 308.15 KBhardwaj, Umesh; Singh, K. C.; Maken, SanjeevIJC-A Vol.37A(12) [December 1998]1063-1069
Kinetics of CO oxidation over Pd particlesMenon, Mahesh; Khanra, Badal CIJC-A Vol.37A(12) [December 1998]1070-1073
Synthesis and spectral studies on copper (II) complexes of two twelve-membered and tetradentate macrocyclic ligandsChandra, Sulekh; Sharma, Hemant KumarIJC-A Vol.37A(12) [December 1998]1074-1078
A conductometeric study of the complex formation between copper (I) perchlorate and some organic ligands in acetonitrileGill, Dip Singh; Khajuria, Rajesh; Rehani, S KIJC-A Vol.37A(12) [December 1998]1079-1083
pH-metric and spectroscopic studies on some ternary complex systems of nickel(II)Nair, M Sivasankaran; Arasu, P Thillai; Sutha, S Gnana; Neelakantan, M A; Pillai, M SankaranarayanaIJC-A Vol.37A(12) [December 1998]1084-1089
Nature of phase transfer catalysts: Can they be hydrotropes?Srivastava, R C; Sahney, R; Upadhyay, S; Gupta, R LIJC-A Vol.37A(12) [December 1998]1090-1093
Viscosity and thermodynamic studies of concentrated aqueous electrolytic solutionsPandey, J D; Akhtar, (Ms) Yasmin; Sharma, Ashish KIJC-A Vol.37A(12) [December 1998]1094-1097
Hydrothermal synthesis of calcium silicate hydrates in the presence of 3d-ferromagnetic cationsEl-Korashy, S A; AI-Wakeel, E l; Kishar, E AIJC-A Vol.37A(12) [December 1998]1098-1101
Kinetics and mechanism of chromium(III)-catalysed oxidation of ethanol by cerium(IV) in aqueous sulphuric acid mediaDas, Asim K; Mondal, Sudhin K; Kar, DaliaIJC-A Vol.37A(12) [December 1998]1102-1105
Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of pyrimidine nucleobases by diperiodatoargentate(III) in aqueous alkaline mediumKrishna, Kondamudi Venkata; Rao, P Jaya PrakashIJC-A Vol.37A(12) [December 1998]1106-1110
Kinetics of the oxidation of oxalic acid by di-µ-tetrakis(1,10-phenanthroline)- dimanganese (III,IV) perchlorate in aqueous acid mediumLohdip, Y N; Iyun, J F; Ayoko, G AIJC-A Vol.37A(12) [December 1998]1111-1114
Synthesis of polyvinyl alcohol condensed 2,4-dihydroxy-5-antipyrinylazo phenylaldehyde and liquid-solid extraction of cadmium(II), copper(II), cobalt(II) and nickel(II)Jin, Gu; Cheng, Bin; Zhu, Yurui; Jiang, WanquanIJC-A Vol.37A(12) [December 1998]1115-1118
Molecular complexes of TCNE with phenolsShantha, M; Suresh, T; Venkateshwarlu, GIJC-A Vol.37A(12) [December 1998]1119-1122
Template synthesis and spectroscopic studies of 13-membered oxotetraaza macrocyclic complexesKhan, Tahir Ali; Hasan, Syed Sirajul; Mohamed, Ajax K; Shakir, MohammadIJC-A Vol.37A(12) [December 1998]1123-1125
Synthetic, structural and biological studies of oxovanadium(V) complexes of azomethinesFahmi, N; Singh, R VIJC-A Vol.37A(12) [December 1998]1126-1129
Synthesis and characterization of cobalt (II) and nickel (II) complexes of some hetero donor ligandsReddy, K Hussain; Lingappa, YIJC-A Vol.37A(12) [December 1998]1130-1134
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 23