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Gamma ray attenuation parameters of inorganic nonlinear optical materials in the energy range 122 keV to 1330 keVAwasarmol, Vishal VishwanathIJPAP Vol.55(01) [January 2017]65-72
Electrophoretic deposition of plasmonic nanocomposite for the fabrication of dye-sensitized solar cellsBhardwaj, Swati; Pal, Arnab; Chatterjee, Kuntal; Chowdhury, Papia; Saha, Susmita; Barman, Anjan; Rana, Tushar H; Sharma, Ganesh D; Biswas, SubhayanIJPAP Vol.55(01) [January 2017]73-80
Optical, microstructural and electrical studies on sol gel derived TiO2 thin filmsTahir, M Bilal; Hajra, S; Rizwan, M; Rafique, MIJPAP Vol.55(01) [January 2017]81-85
Generation and diagnostics of atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge in argon/airShrestha, R; Subedi, D P; Tyata, R B; Wong, C SIJPAP Vol.55(02) [February 2017]155-162
Conceptual design of a thermal neutron radiography facility in the cyclotron 30 LC using the MCNPX codeShaaban, IsmailIJPAP Vol.55(02) [February 2017]135-144
Electron emission characterization of laser-induced gaseous plasmaTahir, Muhammad Bilal; Rafique, M; Rafique, M Shahid; Iqbal, Tahir; Nabi, GhulamIJPAP Vol.55(02) [February 2017]145-154
Exact periodic cross-kink wave solutions for the (2+1)-dimensional Boiti-Leon-Manna-Pempinelli equationFu, Zhong-Hua; Liu, Jian-GuoIJPAP Vol.55(02) [February 2017]163-167
Acoustic and refractometric study of binary mixtures of 1-Propanol + Benzonitrile at 313 KPrajapati, A NIJPAP Vol.55(04) [April 2017]297-303
Dual solution of unsteady separated stagnation-point flow in a nanofluid with suction: A finite element analysisSharma, Rajesh; Ishak, Anuar; Pop, IoanIJPAP Vol.55(04) [April 2017]275-283
Low voltage high bandwidth self-biased high swing cascode current mirrorRaj, Nikhil; Singh, Ashutosh Kumar; Gupta, Anil KumarIJPAP Vol.55(04) [April 2017]245-253