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Removal of Methylene Blue from aqueous solution by activated carbon of Vigna mungo L and Paspalum scrobiculatum: Equilibrium, kinetics and thermodynamic studies.Valliammai, S; Subbareddy, Y; Nagaraja, K S; Jeyaraj, BIJCT Vol.24(2) [March 2017]134-144
Adsorption of lead (II) and chromium (VI) onto activated carbon prepared from pineapple peel: Kinetics and thermodynamic studyShifera, Leta; Siraj, Khalid; Yifru, AlemayehuIJCT Vol.24(2) [March 2017]145-152
Adsorptive desulfurization of model fuel by activated oil palm shellAnisuzzaman, S M; Abang, Sariah; Krishnaiah, Duduku; Razlan, MARIJCT Vol.24(2) [March 2017]206-212
Experimental investigation and kinetic modeling of adsorption behaviour of inexpensive Ziziphus mauritiana seedsSingh, Harminder; Rana, Shivani; Mittal, SunilIJCT Vol.24(5) [September 2017]488-497
Adsorption of p–nitrophenol on coconut shell granular activated carbon: Isotherms, kinetics and thermodynamicsAchari, V Sivanandan; Jayasree, S; Rajalakshmi, A SIJCT Vol.24(5) [September 2017]471-478
Removal of Direct Red 12B from aqueous medium by ZnCl2 activated Jatropha husk carbon: Adsorption dynamics and equilibrium studiesKarthick, Kumaravel; Namasivayam, Chinnaya; Pragasan, Lingassamy ArulIJCT Vol.24(1) [January 2017]73-81
Equilibrium, isotherms and thermodynamic studies of congo red adsorption onto Ceratophyllum DemersumHalbus, Ahmed F; Salman, Jasim M; Lafta, Abbas J; Athab, Zahraa H; Hasan, Falah M; Kamil, Ahmed M; Hussein, Falah HIJCT Vol.24(1) [January 2017]82-87
Response surface methodology for optimization of phenol adsorption by activated carbon: Isotherm and kinetics studyTabassi, Dorra; Harbi, Soumaya; Louati, Islem; Hamrouni, BechirIJCT Vol.24(3) [May 2017]239-255
Nano Fe(OH)3/zeolite as a novel, green and recyclable adsorbent for efficient removal of toxic phosphate from waterMikhak, Azadeh; Kassaee, Mohammad Zaman; Sohrabi, Akbar; Feizian, MohammadIJCT Vol.24(3) [May 2017]284-293
An exhaustive study of a coupling reagent (1-(3-dimethylaminopropyl) 3-ethylcarbodiimide hydrochloride) as corrosion inhibitor for steelDahiya, Shefali; Kumar, Parmod; Lata, Suman; Kumar, Raman; Dahiya, Naveen; Ahlawat, SumanIJCT Vol.24(3) [May 2017]327-335