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Seasonal changes in the nutritive value of the green mussel, Mytilus viridis LinneWafar, M.V.M.; Sumitra-Vijayaraghavan; Krishnakumari, L.IJMS Vol.05(2) [December 1976]252-254
Capitella capitata (fabricius, 1780) (polychaeta: capitellidae): An indicator of pollution in Visakhapatnam HarbourGanapati, P. N.; Raman, A.V.IJMS Vol.05(2) [December 1976]251
Influence of temperature on growth ring formation in the pearl oyster, Pinctada fucata (Gould), of the gulf of kutchPandya, J.A.IJMS Vol.05(2) [December 1976]249-251
Factors affecting fluid losses in the Oyster. Crassostrea cucullataMane, U. H.; Bidarkar, D. S.IJMS Vol.05(2) [December 1976]246-249
Respiration of the wedge clam Donax cuneatusMane, U.H.; Talikhedkar, P.M.IJMS Vol.05(2) [December 1976]243-246
Osmoregulation in the sand crab, emerita holthuisiNagabhushanam, R.; Kulkarni, K.M.IJMS Vol.05(2) [December 1976]241-243
Biochemical composition of mangrove leaves from GoaBhosle, N.B.; Dhargalkar, V.K.; Matondkar, S.G.P.; Bhukhari, S.S.IJMS Vol.05(2) [December 1976]239-241
Mineral constituents and ion-exchange property of some brown seaweeds from the Indian CoastMehta, B.R.; Baxi, D.R.IJMS Vol.05(2) [December 1976]238-239
Arsenic content in waters of parts of the northern Indian OceanFondekar, S.P.; Gupta, R. SenIJMS Vol.05(2) [December 1976]235-237
Carbohydrates in the estuarine and coastal waters around GoaKamat, S.B.IJMS Vol.05(2) [December 1976]232-234
Iron in bottom sediments of the eastern part of Bay of BengalMurty, M. Rama; Rao, P. V. Sesha; Rao, M. PoornachandraIJMS Vol.05(2) [December 1976]231-232
Distribution of P2O5 in shelf sediments off Mangalore, West Coast of IndiaChaitanya, K. S. T. V.; Subbaiah, V.; Rao, M. PoornachandraIJMS Vol.05(2) [December 1976]230-231
Reproduction in Littorina saxatilis rudissima (Bean) and two other subspecies of Littorina saxatilis (olivi) at cullercoats, EnglandSeshappa, G.IJMS Vol.05(2) [December 1976]222-229
Seasonal occurence of phosphate solubilizing bacteria in the vellar estuary, Porto NovoLingaraja, T.; Chandramohan, D.; Natarajan, R.IJMS Vol.05(2) [December 1976]218-221
Arsenic, copper, zinc and manganese in the marine flora and fauna of coastal and estuarine waters around GoaZingde, M. D.; Singbal, S. Y. S.; Moraes, (Miss) C. F.; Reddy, V. G.IJMS Vol.05(2) [December 1976]212-217
Relationship between dissolved oxygen and nutrients in the north-western Indian OceanGupta, R. Sen; Rajagopal, M. D.; Qasim, S. Z.IJMS Vol.05(2) [December 1976]201-211
Effect of organic pollution on some hydrographic features of Cochin backwatersVijayan, M.; Reman, K. N.; Unnithan, R. V.IJMS Vol.05(2) [December 1976]196-200
Diel variations in hydrographic conditions during different seasons in the Cochin Harbour (Cochin Backwaters)Balakrishnan, K. P.; Shynamma, C. S.IJMS Vol.05(2) [December 1976]190-195
Hydrography of the Andaman sea during late WinterBabu, V. Ramesh; Sastry, J. S.IJMS Vol.05(2) [December 1976]179-189
Hydrological characteristics and transequatorial transport in the west Indian OceanPremchand, K.; Sastry, J. S.IJMS Vol.05(2) [December 1976]169-178
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 23