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Reproductive Behaviour and Spawning in Philyra scabriuscula (fabr.) (Leucosiidae: decapoda)Srikrishnadhas, B.; Ramamoorthi, K.IJMS Vol.05(1) [June 1976]145
Seasonal variation in zooplankton from the coastal waters off saurashtraPatel, M. I.IJMS Vol.05(1) [June 1976]140-144
Early development of Podophthalmus vigil (fabricius) in the laboratory and its fishery off porto novoSrinivasagam, S; Natarajan, R.IJMS Vol.05(1) [June 1976]137-140
Biology of the squid Loligo duvauceli d'orbigny obtained in the night catchesOommen, Varghese P.IJMS Vol.05(1) [June 1976]135-137
Mass mortality of fish in the Visakhapatnam harbourGanapati, P. N.; Raman, A. V.IJMS Vol.05(1) [June 1976]134-135
Effect of urea on growth of marine phytoplanktersVerlencar, X. N.IJMS Vol.05(1) [June 1976]132-134
Effect of salinity and time of exposure to air on the metabolism of green mussel, Mytilus viridis L.Shafee, M. S.IJMS Vol.05(1) [June 1976]130-132
Salinity and temperature tolerance of Acartia spinicaudaBhattacharya, S. S.; Kewalramani, H. G.IJMS Vol.05(1) [June 1976]128-130
Seasonal variations in biochemical constituents of Cellana radiata (Born)Suryanarayanan, H.; Nair, N. BalakrishnanIJMS Vol.05(1) [June 1976]126-128
Distribution of suspended matter in waters of the north-western shelf of IndiaRao, CH. M.; Rajamanickam, G. V.IJMS Vol.05(1) [June 1976]124-126
Study of movement of sediments by fluorescent tracers at paradip port, east coast of IndiaSrivastava, P. C.IJMS Vol.05(1) [June 1976]121-124
Temperature & Salinity of Coastal Waters Along the Visakhapatnam CoastVaradarajulu, R.; Khadar, Md Tippu AbdulIJMS Vol.05(1) [June 1976]119-121
Aeromagnetic anomalies in the Bengal fanRao, T. C. S.; Bhattacharya, G. C.IJMS Vol.05(1) [June 1976]117-119
Aquaculture of Green Mussel Mytilus viridis L.: Spawning, Fertilization and Larval DevelopmentRao, K. Virabhadra; Kumari, L. Krishna; Qasim, S. Z.IJMS Vol.05(1) [June 1976]113-116
Species diversity of chaetognaths along the equatorial region of the Indian ocean with comments on the community structureNair, Vijayalakshmi R.IJMS Vol.05(1) [June 1976]107-112
Nannoplankton, Total phytoplankton and zooplankton standing stock measurements in Goa watersPant, A.; Bhargava, R. M. S.; Goswami, S. C.IJMS Vol.05(1) [June 1976]103-106
Ecology of sandy beach at Sancoale, Goa: Part II - Population model and production of Emerita holthuisi SankolliAchuthankutty, C. T.; Wafar, M. V. M.IJMS Vol.05(1) [June 1976]98-102
Ecology of Sandy Beach at Sancoale, Goa: Part I - Physical Factors Influencing Production of MacrofaunaAchuthankutty, C. T.IJMS Vol.05(1) [June 1976]91-97
Seasonal distribution of phytoplankton pigments in the estuarine system of GoaBhargava, R. M. S.; Dwivedi, S. N.IJMS Vol.05(1) [June 1976]87-90
Production at different trophic levels in the estuarine system of GoaBhattathiri, P. M. A.; Devassy, V. P.; Bhargava, R. M. S.IJMS Vol.05(1) [June 1976]83-86
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 29