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Development of Value Added Product from Cashew Apple using Dehydration ProcessesKaushalya, W K D N; Weerasooriya, M K BJSIR Vol.76(02) [February 2017]105-109
Performance Evaluation, Economic Analysis and Design of Biomass – Based Modified Purti Gasifier StoveSonarkar, P R; Mardikar, E A; Gupta, S; Dhabu, S S; Chaurasia, A SJSIR Vol.76(02) [February 2017]110-114
Optimization of Reaction Parameters of Transesterification for Castor OilDeep, A; Sandhu, S S; Chander, SJSIR Vol.76(02) [February 2017]115-118
Treatment of Pharmaceutical Industrial Wastewater via Anaerobic /Aerobic System for Unrestricted ReuseAbdel-Shafy, Hussein I; Mansour, Mona S MJSIR Vol.76(02) [February 2017119-127
Biodiesel Waste Based New Generation Formulation of Permethrin for Cockroach ControlPant, M; Kumar, N; Ompal; Dubey, S; Patanjali, P KJSIR Vol.76(03) [March 2017]184-186
Effect of Foliar Application of Femi Grow on Female Flowers, Fruit Set and Seed Yield of Jatropha Curcas LSingh, S; Prakash, A R; Prakash, R; Ghosh, A; Agarwal, P KJSIR Vol.76(03) [March 2017]179-183
Synthesis of Halogenated Chalcones, Pyrazolines and Microbial Evaluation of Derived ScaffoldsPandya, M; Kapadiya, K; Pandit, C; Purohit, DJSIR Vol.76(03) [March 2017]173-178
Waste Heat Recovery from High-Temperature Blast Furnace Slag ParticlesLiu, Junxiang; Yu, Qingbo; Peng, Jiayan; Duan, WenjunJSIR Vol.76(03) [March 2017]187-192
A Study on Chemical and Lubrication Properties of Unrefined, Refined and Virgin Coconut Oil SamplesMannekote, J K; Kailas, S V; Venkatesh, K; Kathyayini, NJSIR Vol.76(02) [February 2017]100-104
A Novel Approach to Attack Smartcards Using Machine Learning MethodSaravanan, P; Kalpana, PJSIR Vol.76(02) [February 2017]95-99