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Title: Latitudinal and diurnal variations of some important atomic oxygen dayglow emissions
Authors: Upadhayaya, Arun Kr
Singh, Vir
Tyagi, Satish
Keywords: Dayglow emission;Atomic oxygen;Glow model;Solar EUV flux;Wind imaging interferometer
Issue Date: Oct-2006
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: In the present paper the latitudinal and diurnal variations of 5577 Å, 6300 Å, 7320 Å and 8446 Å dayglow emissions are presented. The volume emission rate profiles for these emissions are calculated using updated Glow model. To test the model, the calculated emission rate profiles for 5577 Å and 6300 Å are compared with the measurements of Wind Imaging Interferometer (WINDII) for which data are available. The emission intensities have been studied on 15 Jan. 1995 and 15 June 1995 using Tobiska solar EUV flux model. These calculations show that the intensity is maximum at 1200 hrs LT for both the dates at all latitudes for 5577 Å and 8446 Å emissions. The position of maximum intensity is found to be variable for 6300 Å emission on 15 January. At 30ºN latitude, the peak is found at 1000 hrs LT, while at 5ºN and 45ºN the maximum intensity is found to occur at nearly 1200 hrs LT. On 15 June, the intensity of 6300 Å emission does not show any pronounced peak and emission is found to vary within 15% between 0800 and 1400 hrs LT. On 15 January, the 7320Å emission shows that the peak of maximum intensity occurs at nearly 1200 hrs LT at 5ºN, which moves quite close to 1000 hrs LT at 30ºN and 45ºN latitudes. On the other hand, the peak of maximum intensity for 7320 Å emission is found between 1200 hrs and 1400 hrs LT at all latitudes on 15 June. The smooth variation in 8446 Å intensity may be attributed due to steadiness of photoelectron fluxes at higher energies.
Page(s): 327-334
ISSN: 0367-8393
Appears in Collections:IJRSP Vol.35(5) [October 2006]

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