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Isolation of mosquitocidal bacteria (Bacillus thuringiensis, B.sphaericus and B.cereus) from excreta of arid birds Poopathi, Subbiah; Thirugnanasambantham, K; Mani, C; Ragul, K; Sundarapandian, SMIJEB Vol.52(07) [July 2014]739-747
Large scale propagation of an exotic edible bamboo, Phyllostachys pubescens Mazel ex H. De Lehale (Moso Bamboo) using seeds†Sood, Anil; Nadha, Harleen Kaur; Sood, Sangita; Walia, Shivani; Parkash, OmIJEB Vol.52(07) [July 2014]755-758
A simple and cost effective liquid culture system for the micropropagation of two commercially important apple rootstocks†Mehta, Mohina; Ram, Raja; Bhattacharya, AmitaIJEB Vol.52(07) [July 2014]748-754
The circadian organization of the cardiovascular system in health and diseasePortaluppi, FrancescoIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]395-398
Slow and fast orthodromic and antidromic variants in acute 9-h jet-lagged pygmy field miceBasu, Priyoneel; Kumar, Dhanananajay; Singaravel, MuniyandiIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]460-466
Daily and seasonal activity patterns in blackheaded muniaGupta, Neelu JainIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]504-509
Effect of hospitalization on rest-activity rhythm and quality of life of cancer patientsParganiha, Arti; Taj, Saba; Chandel, Priyanka; Sultan, Armiya; Choudhary, VivekIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]549-558
Participation of endogenous circadian rhythm in photoperiodic time measurement during ovarian responses of the subtropical tree sparrow, Passer montanusSingh, Namram Sushindrajit; Dixit, Anand ShankerIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]496-503
Season-dependent effect of thermopulse on gonadal recrudescence in the female catfish, Clarias batrachusAcharia, Kaberi; Lal, Bechan; Singh, Thakur PIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]538-541
Photoperiodic regulation of seasonal reproduction in higher vertebratesRani, Sangeeta; Kumar, VinodIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]413-419