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Characterization and in vitro expression of non-structural 1 protein of canine parvovirus (CPV-2) in mammalian cell lineSaxena, Lovleen; Chaturvedi, Uttara; Saxena, Shikha; Kumar, G Ravi; Sahoo, A P; Kumar, Sudesh; Doley, J; Rajmani, R S; Singh, Prafull K; Kumar, Rajiv; Tiwari, Ashok KIJEB Vol.49(09) [September 2011]654-659
In vitro expression studies of non structural 1 protein of Canine Parvo virus 2 by polyclonal antiserum raised against CPV2-NS1 protein expressed in Escherichia coli as an antigenKumar, G Ravi; Saxena, Shikha; Saxena, Lovleen; Chaturvedi, Uttara; Santra, Lakshman; Kumar, Rajiv; Sahoo, Aditya Prasad; Rajmani; Kumar, Aswani; Desai, G S; Kumar, Sudesh; Tiwari, Ashok KIJEB Vol.50(09) [September 2012]618-624
Cloning and expression analysis of multiple proteins encoding P gene of Newcastle disease virusKumar, Rajiv; Tiwari, Ashok K; Chaturvedi, Uttara; Kumar, G. Ravi; Sahoo, A PIJEB Vol.51(02) [February 2013]116-123
Development and in vitro characterization of a bivalent DNA containing HN and F genes of velogenic Newcastle disease virusChaturvedi, Uttara; Kalim, Shahina; Desai, G; Ratta, Barkha; Kumar, Rajiv; Ravindra, P V; Kumar, Sudesh; Dash, B B; Tiwari, Sangeeta; Sahoo, A P; Tiwari, Ashok KIJEB Vol.49(02) [February 2011]140-145
Prokaryotic expression of chicken infectious anemia apoptin protein and characterization of its polyclonal antibodiesSaxena, Shikha; Kumar, Gandham Ravi; Singh, Prafull; Chaturvedi, Uttara; Saxena, Lovleen; Kumar, Rajiv; Sahoo, Aditya Prasad; Doley, Juwar; Rajmani; Kumar, Amit; Kumar, Sudesh; Tiwari, Ashok KIJEB Vol.50(05) [May 2012]325-331
Cloning and expression of chicken granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor (GMCSF) geneChaturvedi, Uttara; Kalim, Shahina; Kumar, Rajiv; Sawant, Pradeep; Tiwari, Sangeeta; Khurana, S K; Sahoo, A P; Palia, Sudesh; Tiwari, Ashok KumarIJEB Vol.48(12) [December 2010]1175-1180