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Sediments of Cochin Backwaters in Relation to PollutionRemani, K N; Venugopal, P; Devi, K Sarala; Lalitha, S; Unnithan, R VIJMS Vol.09(2) [June 1980]111-114
Production & Associations of Zooplankton in Estuarine & Nearshore Waters of GoaNair, Vijayalakshmi RIJMS Vol.09(2) [June 1980]116-119
Organic Carbon Content of Tropical ZooplanktonNair, Vijayalakshmi RIJMS Vol.09(2) [June 1980]114-116
Water Masses and General Hydrography along the West Coast of India during Early MarchBabu, V Ramesh; Varkey, M J; Das, V Kesava; Gouveia, A DIJMS Vol.09(2) [June 1980]82-89
Adaptation of the Clam, Paphia laterisulca in Kalbadevi Estuary (Ratnagiri), West Coast of IndiaMane, U H; Dhamne, K PIJMS Vol.09(2) [June 1980]131-134
Biochemical Changes and Energy Content of the Mangrove, Rhizophora mucronata, Leaves during DecompositionSumitra-Vijayaraghavan; Ramadhas, V; Kumari, L Krishna; Royan, Joseph PIJMS Vol.09(2) [June 1980]120-123
Blood glucose in Marine Penaeid Prawn, Parapenaeopsis hardwickii: Circadian Rhythmicity and Influence of SalinityKulkarni, G K; Nagabhushanam, R; Joshi, P KIJMS Vol.09(2) [June 1980]126-127
Protein Patterns during Ontogeny of the Xanthid Crab, Rithropanopeus harrisii(Gould)Kannupandi, TIJMS Vol.09(2) [June 1980]127-131
Conversion Efficiency in the Shrimp, Metapenaeus monoceros (Fabricius), Fed Decomposed Mangrove LeavesSumitra-Vijayaraghavan; Ramadhas, VIJMS Vol.09(2) [June 1980]123-125
Seasonal Changes in Carrageenan and Other Biochemical Constituents of Hypnea musciformisSolimabi; Dass, B; Kamat, S Y; Fernandes, L; Reddy, C V GIJMS Vol.09(2) [June 1980]134-136